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Smolder on a Slow Burn Book Tour/Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/9/14 – 1/6/15

Genres: Western Historical Romance


When your life has been stolen from you and the man responsible wants you dead, where do you run? Who do you trust?

Allison Webster dreams of having an adventure like the characters in

the books she loves. But there is no romance in being pursued by a man

who wants her dead for educating the children of former slaves. Unlike

the heroines she reads about she doesn’t have a trusty companion to

rescue her…until she literally runs into A.J. Adams, a former

Confederate cavalry officer. Now, she just has to convince A.J. he

really is the honorable man and hero depicted in the dime novel she is


When everything you fought for was stripped away, even your honor, what is left to fight for other than revenge?

Branded a “traitor” for more than ten years, scarred by harsh

treatment in an inhumane prisoner of war camp, A.J. Adams wants revenge.

Allison Webster’s arrival into his life provides the bait to destroy

the men who murdered his wife and daughters and kidnapped his little

brother. The men pursuing Allison are the very same men he has sworn to

kill. Falling in love and admitting he might actually be a hero means

surrendering his need for vengeance. Surrender is not part of A.J.’s

battle strategy.


A.J. watched her make her way from the boxcar with as much dignity as

it appeared she could muster. The memory of that tiny waist in his

hands and the slightness of her build had startled him. The barrier of

that shapeless dark green sedge skirt vanished the moment his hands

closed around her waist, and he could envision long, lithe limbs. He

didn’t make it a habit to imagine any woman undressed, but this one

knocked every bit of his equilibrium out from under him and he didn’t

have the slightest idea why she did.

When she met his eyes, he’d been taken back. Slender, feathered brows

lifted and eyes the color of melted chocolate widened—widened enough he

was sure she saw all the way into the black abyss that was once his

soul. Bright color flooded her cheeks when he told her to have a seat on

the hay bale. Her slight Georgia drawl, hidden under layers of what

sounded to be years of formal education, knifed into his chest.

He had watched her discreetly tuck several strands of walnut hair

back under that ridiculous hat perched on her head. Realizing he had

been staring at her, A.J. turned his back, letting the rapidly moving

landscape occupy his gaze. She was lovely, he had to admit that. Walnut

hair kissed with warm gold, high cheekbones that curved just enough to

give her an elfin cast, a pert little nose, and the darkest chocolate

eyes he’d ever seen combined into a rather alluring image. It had been a

very long time since he had looked at a woman and not compared her to

Cathy. He had sworn, as he knelt at Cathy’s grave that there would never

be another. Now, a little slip of a thing had gotten in past his

carefully constructed battlements and stirred something in him he could

have sworn an oath to be long dead and buried beneath a live oak in


She was right, he was no gentleman. Sliding the door shut in her face

hadn’t been the most gentlemanly thing he could have done, but he had

long ago given up being anything that might even resemble a gentleman.

He’d given that up sometime during his tenure in a veritable hell on

earth called Camp Infernum. If he’d harbored hopes of regaining anything

that came close to gallantry after watching men fight one another like

animals for a scrap of moldy bread, all hope died on a warm spring

afternoon when he collapsed to his knees at Clayborne at the graves of

his wife and daughters and learned his younger brother had been taken by

a band of roving deserters. A.J. knew his veneer of civility was just

that—a veneer hiding a wounded, dangerous animal.

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About the Author:

Lynda J. Cox will tell anyone who will listen that she was born at

least one hundred and fifty years too late, and most definitely in the

wrong part of the country. She holds a master’s degree in English with a

concentration in creative writing from Indiana State University after

earning her BA from the same university as a non-traditional student.

(Think being old enough to be mom to 90% of the students in her freshman

cadre.) She’s kept busy with two spoiled rotten house cats, a 30 plus

year old Arabian gelding who has been nicknamed “Lazarus” for his

ability in the later years of his life to escape death, and quite a few

champion collies. When she isn’t writing, she can be found on the road,

travelling to the next dog show. She loves to chat about books, the

writing life, and the insanity which is called a “dog show” and can be

reached through her Facebook page.

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