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Hunky Hero Giveaway Hop
This Hop is run by my kinkbags over at Riverina Romantics, its there first ever Giveaway Hop, so I thought id take part and support them. Now this Hop is all about our Hottie Hero's we love to read so much about.

Now I'm going to tell you a little about my Heros Vishous/Aeron/Ash.  3 totally different guys but all amazing at the same time. All would do anything for there band of brothers that they spend there lives fighting side by side with.

Now enough of me going on about these Hunks. I'm gonna get down to why we are here. THE GIVEAWAY!!!! .

Now iv been talking to an amazing Lady called  Leigh Savage and she has very Kindly offered me one of her books to give you. See amazing  lady :).

Author Bio:
I grew up loving to escape in the world of stories that my Father would write just for me. So it wasn't any wonder that as I got older I too picked up the pen and started writing.
As a teenager I loved the stories with anything paranormal and I've tried to create my own world of vampire and other things that go bump in the night.
I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Titles by Leigh Savage
Genre Erotic Paranormal Romance
Angle of Death (Book 1)
Shadows of my Past (Book 2)
Genre Stories range from Horror to Tragic Romance
Bound by Blood: Collection of short stories of vampire, ghost and other creatures of the night (Stand Alone)
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Blessed Be,
Leigh Savage

About the Book:

The task at hand? Save the elder vampires from the plague of "the endless sleep." As a hired assassin, Mika Shadow knows not to let emotions get in the way. Given her skills and gifts, she's known as the Chosen One amongst her people. During her mission to steal the formula for anti-aging, and the elixir of life for the vampires, Mika finds herself facing the kidnappers who shattered her world as a young girl and abducted her from her mother. Her past comes roaring back to life! As she is dealing with those demons, Mika also finds herself falling for her target. She only has four strict rules for selecting a mission or dismissing it. The fourth and final one - No emotions allowed - falls flat the minute she meets Domonic.

Short Teaser....

Domonic looked up from his desk when he heard her enter. He’d heard her voice outside his office and he wondered what those two could be talking about for so long. He was anxious to see Mika again. Finally she was here. She stood leaning up against the door. Her hands tucked behind her. He noted that she locked the office door. Hiseyes roamed over her. She was dripping wet Domonic wanted to lick the water droplet from her naked body. He watched as Mika slowly unbuttoned her coat to let it fall open to expose her naked flesh except for a pair of see --through black thong panties. Desire burned through his veins. He watched her as she moved slowly toward him. She sat down on the desk in front of him. She placed a leg on each side of him so that her legs were parted for him.

Leigh Savage's books can be purchased at:

Now to get your hands on a copy of this book all you need to do is be  a follower and leave me a comment with your email so I can contact you if you win. See simple ;). Ill all so be giving away some Satins Bookish Corner Swag which will include some book marks ect..

So enjoy guys and gals. I look forward to hearing from you. xx


  1. ooo this book sounds amazing :)
    thanks for the giveaway

  2. ow ow ow acheron is my fav hero...i really love him..

    thanks for the giveaway.

  3. your very welcome. and good luck to you both :).

  4. O...M.. G... Vishous!!! *Nosebleed*

    it's very nice Blog.. xD

    Thanx for the giveaway by the way.. ^^

    1. he is so one of my favourites. mmmmmmm lol. good luck. x

  5. Thanks for participating honey.

    I like your taste in men *wink wink*

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! Sounds like such a great read!

  7. Love your hero's! Yum!!
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  8. Those pictures are hot! Never heard of Leigh Savage before, sounds like a great book!

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  13. I just knew that you would pick Acheron!! He really is all that and a bag of condoms!! That books looks pretty good!

  14. Thank you for the giveaway sounds like a great book!!

  15. I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone luck and to Thank Satins Bookish Corner for letting me take part in this hunky hero giveaway....I hope you find Domonic just as hunky as I do.

    You can watch the book trailer for Angel of Death on YouTube

    Blessed Be,
    Leigh Savage

    1. ohhh didnt know you had a trailer, i could of used it here lol.

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    The books sounds like a great read: different from other vampire books!

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  17. I love me a night sweet vampy read :) Thank you so much for participating in this fun!
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  18. This is a new author for me...thanks for sharing and the book giveaway. Please count me in =)

  19. This sounds like a very interesting read. Loved the teaser! I love Ash! After reading his story, I definitely felt for him even more.
    Thank you for the giveaway and the HOP>
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  20. Oh count me in on this!

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  22. Book sounds awesome! Thank you for the giveaway!

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  24. i want to wish everyone good luck. xx

  25. cky15: thanks for the great giveaway. It is so fun to read excerpts from new authors that I have not heard of. But love what I have read thanks again.

  26. Good luck everyone :)
    Thanks heaps for opening this internationally the excerpt has me so wanting to read more :)
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  27. Love those pictures. Does it get any hunkier then Acheron..sigh...
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  28. The books look wonderful and the covers yummy!

  29. I love Vishous.. V is a great character, unusual..and Hottie man. :D


  30. I must agree with the ladies, Vishous all the way, yum yum! Thanks for the contest.

  31. oh ladys these guy are all MINE LOL. good luck for the giveaway. x

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  40. Love the pictures!! Took me a while to get past :)
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  41. Not entering giveaway just checking out the other blogs participating in the hop. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  42. Thank you for the chance. The book sounds awesome!

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