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How do I dominate and enamor the woman who’s in charge of signing my paycheck?

That’s the one question, Joshua Timbers, has been asking himself since he first stepped foot into his own personal Hell. JT, or Yoshi—as his tormentor likes to call him—has lived a life of hardship and loss since an early age. Being the product of a single parent home, he’s accustomed to hard work and lonely nights.

Seeing the strong man that raised him suffer after the loss of his mother made JT’s own heart harden. All that mattered was seeking instant gratification to curve his enormous appetite.

Until the blessed day he met his fallen angel, Janelle.

Beautiful, and with balls bigger than her entire crew, Janelle is accustomed to the leering looks of men, even though she’s their boss—the owner of Walker Constructions, alongside her brother.

Her beauty is untouchable to everyone, but how far will Joshua go to bend his hellion to his will and make her his?

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“You wanted to see me?” At the sound of my voice, Janelle jumped in her seat. A tiny gasp escaped through her plumps lips, her eyes widening as our eyes locked. Gone was the secure seductress from earlier today. The one who walked through the job site’s parking area, hips swaying enticingly, while I held on for dear life to a slab of granite that she’d kill me for if I’d dropped.

Giving me shit while I couldn’t react. Not without consequences.

“Yeah, I…” She cleared her throat, swallowing hard as her eyes traversed my almost naked torso. It was my turn to be cocky.

“Eyes up here, sweetheart.” She didn’t like that one bit, the furrow in her brow and pursed lips telling me as much. “What’s up?”

Janelle sat behind her desk, a file open in front of her. Yet, except for those few papers strewn about, you couldn’t find any other sign of work. Not a goddamned receipt, invoice, or contract.

Then why did she look so tired? I’d be more than happy to discover what ailed her and take care of her every need. Teach her the pleasure I could give. How relaxed I’d leave her after taking what so sweetly hid between her thighs.

Taking in a deep breath, my girl squared her shoulders before standing up. Then, when she stood, I took in that she’d changed clothes. Gone was the sexy little number from before, the one that wrapped around her fucking beautiful body like a second skin and held a tiny bow across her hip.

I wanted to bite that string, hold it tight between my teeth, and like a rabid dog destroy it.

Now, she stood before me in something that could be a bit more dangerous for her—for the both of us. There she was; the picture of come-inducing innocence.

Denim fucking overalls.

These were not the standard Dickies brand work ones that came to mind. No. Fuck, no.

Janelle didn’t do simple. These were shorts; indecent and showed more than what was acceptable for this line of work. If she’d bent over just a tiny bit, her ass would peek out.

And my handprint would adorn the succulent flesh. I’d be fucked if she showed herself to anyone.

My eyes traveled up her body, and she shivered at my unapologetic perusal. So much skin. Temptation. Damn woman knew what her coy bullshit did to me.

“What the fuck are you wearing!” This wasn’t meant as a question; more like an angry demand for answers. Underneath her overalls she wore a simple white tube top. Tiny. Cropped. Barely covered her breasts. “Are you kidding me right now?”

I’d attack her little ass. Who could blame me after all the cat and mouse games we played?

“This old thing?” Batting her lashes, Janelle smiled at me. Baiting me into action.

“Are you looking to get fucked? Because if that’s what you want—”

“More like a ride.”

Her naturally perky tits held up by what seemed to be Lycra, nothing more. No bra strap. Just a quick tug—a pull, and I’d be savoring her taste. Enjoying the heaviness and natural sweet aroma she exuded.

“Janelle, walk away before I take what you aren’t ready to give.” I was vibrating; my hands clenched at my sides as a raging war battled within me. A man could only take so much. “Lord knows I’m trying here, but you keep pushing. Enough already…bend over, or let’s get out of here.”

“Eyes up here, Yoshi,” she snapped, mock anger coloring her tone at my abrasive words. But the quick inhale of air she took while I walked closer didn’t escape my notice. Her hands shook slightly, as if she wanted to reach out and touch me.

“And if I refuse?” Another step, her body trembling—just a slight uncontrollable shiver that she tried and failed to hide.

“Please.” Fuck. That one word—her tone, and I was putty in her motherfucking hands.

“Why should I?” Then, it wasn’t just her body that shook—shivered from anticipation. There wasn’t a single molecule of my DNA that didn’t want her.

Felt her presence.

Her damn hold on me.

Tethered in a way I had no way to explain.

“We can’t…just please.” Her voice was soft, breathy as she tried to put an invisible wall between us. She failed.

“I love hearing you beg,” I admitted, and she didn’t disappoint. There it was. That spark. The fire I’d come to expect from her. “Plus, I’m enjoying this too much to stop.”

“Fuck you.” Strike one. “And why should I beg? Men fall at my feet, Yoshi. I don’t bow down to anyone.” Janelle ran the tip of her tongue across her bottom lip and took her own step forward. Challenging me. Her reactions were making me dizzy.

One minute telling me to stop.

The next daring me to take her.

That entire room sizzled with our intensity.

Now, she was within my reach. So close. A mere two steps away.

Pulling her supple body against mine would be so easy. And she knew this, was aware of my every breath—every twitch of my cock against the denim of my jeans. Evading me as my hand reached out for her, and I growled out my displeasure.

“Answer me, Yoshi,” she taunted, while tapping that bottom lip I craved to taste. “Why should I beg?” Another groan left me at the sight. I wanted to grab her. Fuck her against that goddamned desk she was always bent over. Another step closer, and now we were almost touching.

Her heat seared me.

Instead of touching me, though, the sexy bitch decided to walk around me, all the while running a slim finger across my shoulder blades and chest.

“Quit fucking with me,” I all but snarled at her, body seizing, ready to devour my prey. “I’m not into games, sweetheart…bend over or move.” Because that’s what this was. A game. Survival of the fittest. Motherfucking prey versus predator.
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About the authorElena

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.

As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.

Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn't until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.

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3975774The first book in Alyson Noël's extraordinary new Immortals series. Enter an enchanting new world, where true love never dies...

After a horrible accident claims the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom can see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and know someone's entire life story by touching them. Going out of her way to avoid human contact to suppress her abilities, she has been branded a freak at her new high school — but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste.

Damen is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy. He's the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head - wielding a magic so intense, it's as though he can peer straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she's left with more questions than answers. And she has no idea just who he really is - or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is that she's falling deeply and helplessly in love with him


In this book we meet Ever , She is a young girl who has been through so much over such a short period of time. She looses her family in a car accident and she has spent the past year of her life hiding a big secret. Ever after Ever survived the crash she was dragged into the world of the supernatural.  

Damen a handsome young man hiding a big secret. he falls for Ever  but things are not so simple. He has a past  that he he has to try and keep from Ever because its to dangerous for her to know. but it all gets to much and he cant stay away from her and everything catches up with them.  

The pair struggle through things and it drives them closer together. But will they be able to stop  to the danger thats chasing them. 

I still cant make up my mind about this book. I truthfully cant decide if I like it or not.  one minute I was really getting into it and then the next I was really bored. but something kept at me to finish it. It was a really good idea of a story  But I felt there was a lot of repeating its self. when I finally think we are getting somewhere and the story is growing and getting interesting then we flip right back to where we were. But im not  giving up on this series yet because like I said it has potential . im hoping  that now we know the gist of the story that we can get into  some real action in the next book.  

I did love the characters  and the whole psychic thing that ever has. so here is hoping that future books have a little more something. 

Im only rating this book a 3, but  I dont like doing that. an Im more then sure the next book will get higher stars. 


Tonya Plank - Fever - Virtual Book Tour

New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Date Published: June 10, 2015

Rory’s once promising ballet career was destroyed by family tragedy and illness. She turned her life around and became a lawyer. Now at the start of her legal career, she lacks passion in her work and self-confidence in her abilities. But when she meets gorgeous, mysterious Russian ballroom dancer, Sasha, at a firm holiday party, her passions for life and dance are immediately re-kindled.

Since being torn from his Siberian family as a child, Sasha’s life ambition has been to be world ballroom champion, a path he was destined for until his former partner pulled the plug on their partnership. She went on to win the world title, leaving him, without a partner equal in ability, forever in second place. The instant he lays eyes on Rory, he recognizes the depth of her passion and talent, and falls hard for her in more ways than one.

But she also reminds him of great pain from his past. He must not only overcome his own demons but convince her to leave her demanding law career, and all that she has worked for in her adult life, to train with him full-time in order for their partnership – both on and off the dance floor – to work.  

This is part one in a continuing three-book series.


Tonya Plank, Excerpt from Fever: A Ballroom Romance, Book Two
The corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly again. “We are going to have to do this the hard way, no?”
I took a step back. I had no idea what he meant. “No?” I said more as a question than answer.
“I’ll be back,” he said and left the room.
Hmmm. I wondered what he was doing as I heard him climb the winding staircase and tap around upstairs. I looked at myself in the mirror and self-consciously began a rumba basic.
Within seconds he flew down the stairs, holding what appeared to be a large white silk sash. It was quite elegant.
I stopped and turned to him. “That’s pretty. What are you going—” I began.
But in a flash, he was behind me. I could see in the mirror that he was pulling the scarf sash thing lengthways and folding it over a few times.
“I’m so glad you think so,” he said as he raised it over my head and began placing it over my eyes.
“What? What are you doing? You can’t do that,” I yelled, pushing it out of the way and turning around to face him.
“Rory, please. Please just try this.”
“I need you to understand that I need my eyesight,” I said, panicked. “This floor, this room. I don’t know it that well. What if I go flying out the—” I pointed to the huge patio door.
“Roryyyy,” he moaned, rolling his eyes. “Do you really think I would let anything happen to you?”
I folded my arms in front of me. “I think you would try to prevent something bad from happening. But, but, but, you may not be able to control everything if we get…out of control,” I stuttered, trying to come up with something. I just didn’t want to be blindfolded.
“Exactly how fast do you think we’re going to be moving?” He smiled wickedly, moving toward me ever so slowly.
I took a step back. “Well if we’re doing samba or paso—”
“We will do only rumba with you blindfolded. Okay?”
“Well, what’s on the other side of that, anyway? A cliff? We never go out there.”
His smile grew more wicked and he stepped closer. “We haven’t been out yet because it’s always been night when you are here and we are practicing. There will be plenty of time for you to see the backyard—and the hot tub—later.” He stroked the length of the sash. “It’s really very soft. There is nothing to be scared of, Rory.” Now the mischievous smile was replaced by a completely innocent-looking grin.
I kept my arms crossed in front of me. “I don’t like this,” I said.
“Rory, this is just for a few minutes. Just until I show you that your sense of sight shouldn’t always control. That you also have other senses, like a sense of touch. Please just trust me.” He raised his brows and held the scarf toward me like it was an offering. His innocent grin produced those boyish dimples that made him completely irresistible. “Have I let you down before?” he asked.
I remembered the lifts and the trust holds. No. He hadn’t. “Fine,” I said, uncrossing my arms. “But if I get too weirded out, it’s coming off immediately. And don’t tie it too tight.”
His grin widened as he walked behind me, still stroking the material. “Yes, my dear,” he said playfully.
It was silky and perfumed and actually felt cool and comforting against my skin. He was very gentle and he wrapped it around and tied the back. It still freaked me out when he released me and I was standing in the middle of the room with no support.
“That might be too tight. I might get a migraine,” I protested.
He chuckled. “It is very loose, Rory. See.” He placed a finger between the knot and the back of my head and wiggled it around a bit.
“No, I can’t see. That’s the problem.”
His chuckle turned into a laugh. “But you felt it, right?”
I didn’t answer. Right now I just wanted to be stubborn and pout.
“I know you did.” He patted my hair down in back as he removed his finger from under the blindfold. Then he walked away, leaving me standing alone.
“Sasha?” I called out. I would have felt more comfortable in my own place. I knew where things were. His dance floor was so blasted huge. It made me anxious when he wasn’t touching me.
“I’m just finding the music.”
“The Look of Love” came back on, and I could feel the heat of his body moving toward me. I held my hands out, ready to feel him. His fingertips touched mine. He positioned me in our closed handhold, placing the fingers of my left hand around his right bicep and clasping my right hand with his left. Our basic handhold, the feel of which I was now, with no sense of sight, hyper-aware.
“Okay, we will try again.”
“Just go slowly. And don’t expect me to get everything right.” I was perturbed. If he thought he was going to be at all hard on me like this he was really going to get an earful.
He didn’t say anything. Instead he just began moving. He shifted his weight to his left, my right, without taking a step, then shifted back to the other side. He was doing a basic cucharacha. I did as he did. Then his hand on my back began pressing under my shoulder blade. I felt his body turn to the right and his left arm raise my right one. His hand under my left shoulder blade pushed me into a slight diagonal. Okay, he wanted me to do an alemana, underarm turn. I brought my left elbow close to my body so I wouldn’t smack him in the chest with it on my way past his body.
“If you get elbowed or stepped on it’s your fault,” I warned.
“A chance I will take.” I could hear the sly grin in his voice. “But you’d better not do it on purpose.”
“But how would you know if I did it on purpose or not?”
“I’d know,” he said, squeezing the palm of my raised hand. “Believe me. And then I might do something far, far more harsh.” He elongated the end of his sentence. I could still hear the grin.
All of a sudden, he released my hand and with both arms whipped me around by the waist. What the—?
“Eeek,” I screamed. I stood on one leg, holding the other up with a slight turnout, in an attitude position in back—simply because it was the position that came most naturally to me from ballet. I put my weight as close as possible to the toe of the shoe I stood on so I’d continue turning without stopping abruptly, and so I’d maintain my balance. I held my center in and straightened my back as much as possible and just let him spin me for a few seconds. He kept spinning me around by the waist with his hands. It was a ballet move and I soon realized he knew I could do it. Finally, he stopped me abruptly by grabbing my waist, and brought me toward him, holding me in his arms close to him, both arms around my back.
“Okay, I seriously feel like I’m going to throw up all over you,” I said, not exaggerating all that much. I was dizzy from the spinning. Normally, I’d either spot—which I couldn’t do with the blindfold on—or, if I’d known the spin was coming, I would have held my head back to try to stabilize my equilibrium.
Surprisingly, he said nothing. Instead I felt his breath on me as he sighed deeply. His lips were very close to mine. My heart began to race as I wondered for a second if he was going to kiss me.

After working for many years as a criminal appeals attorney in New York, Tonya Plank now lives and writes in Southern California. A former amateur ballroom dancer, she wrote the dance blog, Swan Lake Samba Girl. Her first novel, Swallow, won several awards, including gold medals in the Independent Publisher and the Living Now Book Awards, and was a finalist in ForeWord’s Book of the Year and the National Indie Excellence Awards.

When not writing, she enjoys taking road trips with her rescue dog, Sofia, devouring Mexican food and Cadillac margaritas, sweating to dance-based workouts, cuddling up with her cats and a good book, and seeing dance performances of any kind. Her favorite places in the world are Lincoln Center in New York City, the Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to San Francisco, and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

To connect with her, please find her at where she tries to blog regularly.

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Ready to sweeten up your summer with something RED HOT

RED HOT CANDY, a collection of 22 all-new sweet to spicy romances,

is available for sale now. Welcome to release week! 

Today we're sharing sweet tidbits from some of the authors 

so you can get to know them a little better. 

Here are the sweetest or most thoughtful gifts ever received.

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Gillian Cherry

When I  was 16, my boyfriend gave me a jewelry box with something in every drawer. In the drawer marked "open last" was a beautiful opal pendant on a gold chain.

Layla Wilcox

My husband is a photographer. He buys me flowers often. Before we were married, we had a fight. He showed up at my door with tulips wrapped in a photo of the flowers he had taken earlier. That way I got to keep the flowers (and him) forever.

J. C. Valentine

The sweetest gift I ever received was my first Mother's Day present-- my son. He was born on Mother's Day, so every few years, we get to share the day.

Jo Raven

When we were about to get married, years ago, my husband knew I don't wear rings. He does wear a golden earring, so he bought me one the same, instead of a wedding ring. Now we both wear our matching earrings... heart emoticon

Pavarti K. Tyler

My husband got me an antique typewriter for our 5 year anniversary. It was heavy as hell and he lugged it from Vermont to surprise me.

Daizie Draper

My husband is my best gift ever! But the most random, sweetest gift I've ever gotten was in college when I was taking this marketing class. I had a group project due with an invented product or service and had to give a half hour presentation. My group consisted of me and two football players who never came to class. Well, I was really upset I had to shoulder this whole thing by myself because I'm shy as it is and not the best public speaker, and I was stressing out about it in my painting class. The Running Back took painting with me. He was super popular because he was amazing on the field and didn't know me from Eve, but he felt so bad for me, he spent three days during my 2-hour class helping me make my visual aids. Sooo unbelievably sweet and unforgettable!

Mira Bailee

After my husband and I went through an intense rough patch, he surprised me with a brand new laptop and told me, "This is only for your writing. I want you to get to finish your books." Fast forward to now, and I've published a complete series, have started on several more, and have tons of ideas waiting. Sounds romantic to me...wink emoticon

J.C. Andrijeski

When I first got to India I was terrified out of my friggin' mind (I moved there pretty impulsively after leaving my corporate job to just write for a few years). I was also horribly sick when I left and by the time I got to Dharamasala in the Himalayas, extremely jetlagged after about 36 hours of travel. All I had was the name of a hotel run by this nice family from Kasmir. Well, I got there and basically passed out. Like 10 hours later I woke up feeling terrible and wandered upstairs, dehydrated and shaky and pale, and this whole family surrounded me, horrified and worried about me. Something about the kindness of total strangers, you know? Especially when they don't speak your language, lol. They handed me water bottles, the mother cooked me dinner in their kitchen (the restaurant was long closed it was like 11pm at night and they'd been hanging out watching a movie) and basically they plopped me in front of the television and clucked over me and all but tucked me in after I was full. It made for a really nice landing in India and a lot of my fear vanished after that. smile emoticon

Alison Foster

After a very difficult trip overseas, I came back to find a spotless house and my bed covered in presents of all kinds—my husband’s way of welcoming me home.

Sarah M. Cradit

My best friend Shawn often sends me care packages from Louisiana, as a way of making me feel closer to New Orleans and the bayou (my favorite place, and where my book series is set).

Molly McClain

Aside from all the cute cards and things my kids make me, the one thing that jumps out as being super sweet was the gorgeous journal my mom bought me for Christmas this past year. I cried (for real) because it felt like my family finally "got" that I'm a writer and this is my thing now.


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The Things I Never Said by Jo Raven ~ It’s Micah and Evangeline’s first Summer together– so why is Micah acting strange? Evangeline would do anything to see him smile. 

Perfectly Equipped by Lacey Silks ~ First impressions at a nudist resort are everything, but April never expected to meet the perfectly equipped man. 

Kidnapped (A Billionaires in Disguise: Rae Epilogue) by Blair Babylon ~ Not even a billionaire's private security can protect you from your family. 

A FAN-TAB-ULOUS NIGHT by Olivia Rigal ~ Ryan doesn't want to commit and Tab wants to play. They're a perfect match.

Before Flesh by Sky Corgan ~ Every bad boy has an origin story. 

Take It Easy by Daisy Prescott ~ When Diane and Hailey join John and Tom in the San Juans, it is not a typical camping trip for the former wingmen. 

Pandora's Box by Sarah M. Cradit ~ A peculiar heart meets its mate. Fate, though, has other plans. 

Hot Hotel: Scorched Into Submission by Daizie Draper ~ When she's stood up by her online sexter, Divine meets a hot Dom instead. 

Braving Love by S.j Mayer ~ A scarred and broken stuntman looking for redemption . . . can he find it in the arms of a soft-spoken southern girl? 

Always Enough by Molly McLain ~ They went straight from falling in love to raising a kid and working opposite shifts. Time for a lovers' getaway! 

Mine in Dreams (A Bend-Bite-Shift Prequel) by Olivia Hardin ~

Daeglan belongs to the faery realm and Meggie to the human one, a forbidden romance. 

Like Home by Mira Bailee ~ A reunion isn’t complete without scandal. Betrayal, old love, new revelations… and the paparazzi. 

Unshakable by J.C. Valentine ~ While Jami and Ally are preparing to bring a new life into the world, Don is forced to fight for his life. 

Yearning to Yield by Pavarti K. Tyler ~ High school reunions are lame, unless your teenage crush has the same fetish as you. A Sugar House Story. 

Mated in Bearfield by Jacqueline Sweet ~ Wedding day in Bearfield means naked in-laws, cubs eating your dessert, and a mating frenzy. 

Le Moulin by JC Andrijeski ~ Spy. Assassin. Seer. Terian is all of those, but when he finds his first love a slave in war-torn Paris, he vows to save her. 

Jesse's Girl by Alison Foster ~ Jesse and Emma were the best of friends until the day she asked him to take her innocence, and he said no. 

Dude by Gillian Cherry ~ What happens when a curvy city girl heads to a Texas dude ranch for her long-lost mother’s wedding? 

The Billionaire Biker's Bitch by Layla Wilcox ~ Graduate [X] Break up with boyfriend [X] Perfect summer job [X] One crazy night [ ] 

Swaying Fate by Irma Geddon ~ Atropos, the Fate who ends lives, never expected to walk one night into Old Cupid’s bar and fall in love. 

First Class Scoundrel by Liv Morris ~ A recently jilted bride meets a devilishly handsome scoundrel in this tropical Pride and Prejudice. 

Gender Studies 101 by Dani Dundee ~ In a class of 100-odd women, there’s one guy, Thomas. I’m going to have a little fun.

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Book Blitz for THE SIREN'S TOUCH by Amber Belldene

The Siren's Touch
by Amber Belldene
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Kensington/Lyrical

Release Date: July 21, 2015

One touch can change everything…

Hitman Dmitri Lisko is determined to avenge his father. Once he takes out the man he believes is responsible for his family’s tragedies, he’s done killing for good. But a mysterious woman may tempt Dmitri to change his plan.

Sonya Truss was murdered in a Ukrainian village in 1968. Now she’s reappeared in San Francisco as a rusalka—the ghost of a wronged woman. And she’s thirsty for the blood of her killer. But she has to make things right before she’s trapped between worlds forever.

Sonya's enigmatic siren powers stir Dmitri's long-buried chivalry, and he finds himself compelled to help her. He also can’t resist giving her a taste of the pleasures she never experienced while she was alive. Soon they discover that touch has surprising consequences. Yet when their shared mission comes to cross-purposes, they must choose between deadly sacrifice—or surrendering to the one act that can save them both.

The teapot jostled like there was a frog inside.

He had to be hallucinating. Holy hell, he’d never been this hungover. Then again, he’d never been on a thirty-day bender either. Quitting cold turkey after a vodka-soaked month was bound to be rough on the system. The teapot was definitely not jittering, only his sanity. Caffeine might help.

He lifted the little round thing by the handle. A gust of steam poured out as deep-brown liquid trickled from its spout into his mug—an antique glass cup wrapped in silver filigree. In his hand, the teapot shook, jostling his arm.

Damn it. That was no hallucination.

A sudden puff of steam collided with his face. He set the teapot down and wiped his moist eyes. When he opened them again, he was certain he’d lost his mind.

Hovering over Elena’s postcard-perfect traditional Ukrainian table setting was a shimmering tea-colored woman. No, not a woman.

He reached for his weapon, knocking his chair to the floor. Scrambling across the room, he got as far as he could get from that...thing.

Back pressed to the wall, his heart drummed against his sternum. What the hell was she?

She dripped brown droplets of smoky Russian Caravan onto the table and gasped for air with her gossamer hands clasped at her neck. Her brown eyes stretched wide in her heart-shaped face.

Had he completely lost his mind? “Fuck.”

The thing yelped, flying away and leaving a sprinkling of tea droplets in her wake. As they fell to the ground, she grew whiter, becoming the soft, shiny color of a perfect pearl.

A ghost. Holy hell.

All his skin rose up in goose bumps. Could you shoot a ghost? Or a hallucination? He was damn sure going to try. He took aim.

She coughed and coughed and coughed some more, making a horrible wet retching sound. Then she darted to a spot near the window, bending her spectral shape over to hack, as if she could clear her throat. Only it didn’t seem to be working.

Without thinking, he lowered his weapon. “Breathe, girl. Be calm.”

Slowly, she straightened, and her chest rose and fell in the rhythm of breath. The sun shone through her translucent form, highlighting a smoking hot set of curves under a long, wet nightgown. Large brown nipples poked through the ghostly, damp fabric, and a dark vee between her legs drew his gaze.


This wet dream of a sexy, drowned ghost was proof he’d jumped into the deep end.

Amber Belldene is always reading racy books at the most inappropriate times, and has been observed ogling her Kindle in the church parking lot. Even as a kid, she hid novels inside the service bulletin to read during sermons, an irony that is not lost on her when she preaches these days. Amber is a romance writer and Episcopal priest who believes sexuality is vital to spirituality, love is beautifully messy, and stories are the best way to explore human truths. Evidence of these convictions can be found in Amber's steamy paranormals and quirky, hot contemporaries, which have been published by Omnific, Entangled, and Lyrical/Kensington. She lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco and can be found at