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Right guys, its finaly time , the first of my giveaways, all you need to do to enter this giveaway is make a comment below and leave your email adress and dont forget you have to be a follower. :) 

So the book I'm giving away is called  The Beholder by  Bonnie (Leanore)  Elliot.  As most of you know iv been working with Bonnie for a couple of days now and yes she will be with us till  Saturday, thats when we will let you know who won all four giveaways, and don't worry guys  it will be a different winner for each of the four books, so please enter all giveaways   because  you ave a you might win.



The Beholder: Trace is a hit woman on her last job. When she focused her scope on the target, her whole body grew rigid. This target was too yummy to kill. At just that moment, target number fifty spots her and turns the whole game around. But what kind of game is he playing?



“I don’t think it’s fair for me, or the deal, when you bend over like that,” he sighed.
The thought never occurred to her and she gingerly sat down again on his knees. “This was your idea, remember?”
“Yes, and it sounded so clever when it first occurred to me.” He put the brush to her hair. “It seemed like a smart deal to get a hot blonde to sit on my lap while naked.”
“And now?” she asked.
Dropping the brush to the floor again, he let out a disgusted groan. “I’m hard as fucking stone!”
A smile edged at her lips and she felt an unaccustomed flicker of wickedness. “Oh look, you dropped the brush again,” she announced and heard him draw in a breath as she rose to retrieve it.
“No.” He stood and grasped her hips, tugging her close to his body. She could feel how erect he’d become as their bodies met. Hayden placed his mouth to her ear. “I know I promised to let you lead.” Trace got wet between her thighs as his hot breath grazed her ear. He reached around to her breasts and pinched them gently with his fingers. “I grew hard the minute I saw you at that window, in the apartment.” He let out a breath. “I figured it was adrenaline, you know, from the hunt and the kill.”
Her skin grew tingly from his fingers and a throb of need surged through her. “Yes, I know.”


Well there you have it guys, the first of my giveaways, just a reminder tat you have to be a follower and  leave me a comment and email address and the winner will be contacted..If you don't win you could all ways click the link below and check it out at amozan. :)


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  10. Hi. great to see you and what a way to start the week off! He is yummy ;)
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  22. I have to agree, when I first found this photo, it just made me sigh...I just had to have him um,---on the cover, hee-hee. The character in the book causes the same thing, plus he is too sexy!
    Thanks everyone for entering! Satin Sue is at the top of my "She's The Bomb' list!

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  24. Great Giveaway babes. This book sounds good.

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