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Well here we are agian my  sexy followers, another interview and this  time its  with the one and only    Alexis Morgan .Alexis grew up near St. Louis and received a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She and her husband have made the Pacific NW their home for more than thirty years, where she launched her career as a writer. She has been nominated for numerous industry awards, including the RITA© from the Romance Writers of America, the top award in the romance genre. By the end of this year, she will have published twenty-five books, novellas, and short stories, including contemporary romances, American West Historical, and Paranormal Romances.  
alexis morgan

SATIN-.i just want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us, i know you must be busy.
can you tell us a little about yourself.

 ALEXIS- I grew up in the Midwest of the United States—near St. Louis in Missouri.  I earned a degree in English from the University of Missouri—St. Louis, which is where I met my husband. We eventually moved to the Pacific Northwest, which is where we continue to make our home.  I’ve been a lifelong reader and enjoy a wide variety of genres.

SATIN- When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer, what was the very first idea you came up with for a story.
..did it take long for you to get your first book published..

ALEXIS-Although I always enjoyed writing, it wasn’t until I met my first published author, Janice Kay Johnson, about twenty-five years ago that I became interested in the actual process of writing a book. I found what she was doing fascinating, and she encouraged me to try writing my own stories.  My first complete manuscript never sold, but my second one did, along with a proposal for a second book. Unfortunately, that publisher went out of business, and it was seven years before I sold another new project.  Those first books were short contemporary romances, but I finally took a chance and tried something different—American West historical romances.  I sold about ten of those before deciding that I wanted to write paranormal romances. I sold my first Paladin book in 2005, which came out in 2006.  I currently have two series with Pocket—the Paladins and the Talions—and I write vampire stories for Harlequin.  Next year will see the release of my first fantasy romance, which I’m really excited about.


SATIN.I was wondering if you could tell me what catches your attention when your not writing, how do you spend your free time..
 do you have things you like doing by your self or with your family


ALEXIS- I love to read, so that’s often how I spend my free time.  I also enjoy getting together with friends over lunch or to do some shopping.  Another  favourite pastime this time of year is watching my favourite baseball team play—the Seattle Mariners. 

SATIN- we all have days when our brains don’t work, some more then others *cough * me*  cough*. what do you do when that happens to you,
how do you get past your writers block.

 ALEXIS-Sometimes if I just need to mull over what should come next, I play Free Cell or Solitaire on the computer.  But if I’ve run into a major glitch or if something isn’t working at all, I can always tell because I find myself preferring to clean house or fold laundry to actually sitting down to write. When that happens, I call Janice and talk it out with her.  That forces me to really nail down what’s wrong and what it will take to fix it.

SATIN- now most women have a favourite book man, i know i do.  right now it would be cullen or d.j  yes i know that's two, I'm just greedy  *smiles sweetly*. who is your favourite guy
and why..  we need details lol.

ALEXIS-If I had to pick just one, it would be Trahern. From the minute I first “met” him, I hurt for him. Despite knowing what could  happen if he were to die again, he never once hesitated to pick up his sword and stand shoulder to shoulder with his friends. 

SATIN- when your not dreaming up our sexy guys and story line, how do you spend your free time. how do you  unwind? 

ALEXIS- like to kick back and watch some of my favourite television shows:  NCIS, NCIS—LA,  and Dancing with the Stars.  Another one I really enjoyed was the BBC production of Being Human.  Love Aidan Turner.  Seriously.


SATIN. is there a question your really sick of answering lol, and if iv asked it all ready im so very sorry lol.*hangs head* lol

ALEXIS-None I get sick of, but some are hard to answer, like “Where do you get your ideas?”   Ranulf in my first Talion book.

SATIN-  i know lots of my ladies are trying to write there own books have you got any words for them to help them on there way.

ALEXIS-I think the most important thing you can do is set small, achievable goals for yourself.  They can be things like to write X number of pages per week, or to read a book on craft, or to find a critique partner. As you attain each of those goals, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and moves you that much farther along the path to being published. Also finding friends who will support what  you’re doing is very important.  Writing can be a lonely business unless you find friends in the writing community. 

SATIN-and now to my favourite question  yay.. i love this one..  as my ladies know i like to ask a totally random question, so here it is..
 if you could go out to dinner with any one in the world who would it be and why.. pick me, pick me *waves hands in the air*

ALEXIS-So Susie, if the two of us  were to go out to dinner together with one special person, it would have to be Joss Whedon. I loved Buffy and Angel, but Firefly and Serenity are some of my all time favourite stories. I’d love to talk to him about how he views storytelling. 

 SATIN- YAY I'm getting to go on a dinner date with Alexis and  Joss Whedon. I'm so excited.
Alexis i want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, it really means a lot to us..


Now guys, Alexis has very kindly said she would giveaway one of her  books signed. if you want to be in with a chance of winning an Alexis Morgan books, here's what you have to do.

1, be a follower
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3, leave email address so either me or Alexis can contact you about posting details :).

so good look to you all.


  1. I loved reading this interview! :)

  2. Wonderful interview, ladies! I look forward to reading The Darkness Beyond. Love the cover!

    nissie151530 at gmail dot com

  3. thank you ladies and good look...:)

  4. Good morning, everyone! I live on the West Coast in the States, so my day is just now starting.

    Susie--Thank you for inviting me today. DJ and I both appreciate it.

  5. Hi Alexis!! What a fun interview! I'd love to meet the Joss as well, could you imagine living inside his mind?
    great job, Satin ;)

  6. thanks guys. Alexis i loved having you in my little den. tell D.J he can come visit when ever he wants *wink* lol

  7. Hiya ladies!!!
    Great interview, thanks for sharing Alexis. I'm a HUGE fan and have all my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes of winning... lol

  8. DJ appreciates the invitation.

    Madame D--thanks for letting me know that you've enjoyed my stories so much. I appreciate it.

    If you haven't checked out the Members Only section in my website, I always post a new Paladin short story there every month. I have great fun writing those.


  9. Hi Alexis i loved the interview..Thank you so much for the giveaway:):)


  10. Wow DJ, you are EVERYWHERE I turn...(not like I'm turning away much though)...

    Alexis it's always nice to see you someplace new and to obtain all your information!!!! I take it all to heart!

    Can't wait to see the next short story... Love Hunter!(you too DJ so don't worry)


  11. Hi, Paige--

    The new short story should post tomorrow or the next day. Hunter's definitely up to something!

    And DJ understands--he has to share me with all those other Paladins, not to mention the fang boys, as he calls them.


  12. hey i want a turn wit D'J. oh and Cullen.. Alexis im claiming DJ and Cullen. they now my guys hehehe

  13. thanks Alexis , there you have it girls, DJ and Cullen are mine. :)

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  15. Love the Paladins and the Tallions. There is something so sexy about a man that powerful, who is bonded to one woman and one woman, only. Yum!

  16. Hi, Patricia--I agree. I love stories with strong heroes and heroines who just as strong, but in different ways.


  17. i agree ladies. i do like a female who can kick butt just as well as the guys