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Phase One: Identify Book Tourand Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/30/14 – 1/13/15

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Horror, Zombies, Science Fiction

Series: Territory of the Dead

Tour Promo: All books in this series are $.99!

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Eighteen-year-old Tabitha Alexander had just graduated from high

school when the dead invaded her small town of Pleasant, Louisiana.

Working as a checkout girl in the only grocery store in town, she barely

made it out with her life.

But the night was only beginning.

What started out as a group of three grows, as they are joined by the

few that are still alive. New bonds are formed as old ones die, and

Tabitha suddenly finds that the guy she’s always wanted might just want

her back.

The timing couldn’t be worse, though. The zombies in Pleasant are

smart, with an awareness that’s horrifying. And when the zombies

discover the house full of survivors, those inside realize that the

walls aren’t strong enough to keep them out.

All hope is lost. Or is it? Salvation comes in the form of a

mysterious man, with a pair of steely-gray eyes and an arsenal to match.

He rescues them, but at what cost? Kellan can’t seem to keep his

otherworldly eyes off of her.

She’s no match for him. She knows this. Yet, he intrigues her… and Tabitha knows it’s the most dangerous reaction of all.


I exhaled deeply as I finished scanning the last coupon. The woman

gave me a sharp look of annoyance, as if I had no room for complaint. Really, what did she expect?

Was I supposed to grovel and thank her for allowing me the honor of

scanning her precious coupons ten minutes before closing time?

Apparently so. “You know, young lady, it wouldn’t hurt you to smile

at your customers and thank them when they offer you their coupons. I

don’t think I’ve ever had such poor customer service. I don’t have to

shop here, especially with this kind of attitude.” She was working

herself up into a rage, her expression full of self-righteous


I didn’t reply, but instead pushed the total button. Some of the

customers in line groaned, while others shifted in impatience. They

really didn’t want to be further delayed by her rant. She slammed a

hundred dollar bill down on the counter. “Where is your manager? I want

to speak with him now.”

I pointed towards Jim, as he straightened his shoulders and attempted

to look professional. I could only imagine the holier-than-thou

attitude he would have as he sympathetically agreed with her. Around

here, I could never do anything right, or so it seemed.

I didn’t see anyone else standing around, though, willing to put up

with his crap. If I didn’t need the money so badly, I’d walk out the

door faster than he could blink. I was tired of the humiliation and

tired of being blamed for the lines, just because he was too tight to

hire on adequate staff.

I was silent as I quickly made her change. What could any person say?

She was mad due to reasons of her own, something that really didn’t

concern me. With one last glare, she huffed and moved on in his

direction. She never made it, though.

It would have been worth the complaint and subsequent chewing out I

would have received, if the events of the night just wouldn’t have

happened. I would later look back on it and pray that things had ended

differently. You can’t change events that are completely out of your

control, though.

Even so, anything would have been preferable to that one moment when

you find your reality has just been blown to pieces and would never be

the same again. That’s assuming you live to survive it.

She was halfway to Jim, her teased hairdo bouncing, when it happened.

A loud, panicked scream tore through the night, originating somewhere

from the parking lot in front of the store. Even through the thick

glass, we could hear it loudly. It sounded like someone was being

murdered. I immediately stopped scanning, turning in an attempt to see

what was happening.

A body slammed against the glass, his face and palms pressed to the

surface. It was a horrid sight. His pupils were red and crazed, his face

extremely pale and dirty. Dark red blood was smeared across his cheeks

and chin. The man stood still for a moment, just watching us with his

crazy eyes. Something reanimated him. He slid his palms down the clear,

clean glass, leaving a trail of bloody streaks.

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About the Author:

Rose Wynters resides in the southern portion of the USA. When not

writing, she enjoys traveling, camping, and meeting new people.

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