Tuesday, 21 April 2015


This past few weeks iv been on a total book binge,  The series iv got in to is Chloe Neill's Chicargoland Vampires. I cant seem to put the books down and as soon as iv finished one then I start another. I think iv become addicted lol. So again this week my Teaser comes from that series.

Wild Things Cover

“Out of one fire and right into another,” said the attractive blond vampire beside me. Lindsey was a member of Cadogan’s guard corps and a skilled and capable fighter, but tonight she looked, as usual, more like a fashionista than a century-old vampire guard. She’d left her suit jacket downstairs and had matched her satin-striped black tuxedo pants with a white button-down and four-inch stiletto heels.

“Do they actually think we’d just let them take him?” she asked. “That we’d let them arrest him—our Master—right there in front of the House?”
An hour ago, a Chicago Police Department detective—fortunately, one of our allies—had come calling, advising us the city’s prosecutor had obtained a warrant for Ethan’s arrest.
Ethan had killed Harold Monmonth, a powerful vampire from Europe who’d murdered two human guards before turning his sword on us. Ethan had acted in obvious self-defense, but violence had recently rocked the Windy City. Its citizens were afraid, and its mayor, Diane Kowalcyzk, was looking for someone to blame. She’d apparently managed to bring the prosecutor to her side.
That’s why Ethan was sequestered in his office with Luc, the captain of Cadogan’s guards, and Malik, the House’s second in command, making a plan.

I think im going to be reading this series till iv finished them, so you will have to bare with me and I will get some new books posted soon. 


  1. Nice tease! LOVE this series! Glad to see you're enjoying it! On the plus side you had no pesky waiting after Hard Bitten! That ending was pure torture!

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  2. I was glad I didnt have to wait long for the next book thank god lol.