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Genres: Paranormal Erotica


What was supposed to be a lustful night of passion and sinful, sexual

thrill turned bloody in a way he could never have imagined, revealing a

predator that plagued the night and feasted on the living…

Fuelled by the bleakest of hope and the haunting images of the past,

Conner cleaves a path of retribution through the midnight world of

vampires; dangling his morals and life in the balance to retain what

little he has left of his former self, praying each step will bring him

closer to finding ‘her’ and the one that took everything from him…


Conner sat in a dimly lit corner of the small, run-down hotel room,

the old and faded, seventies floral-papered walls casting shadows across

his rugged, unshaven features. He inhaled deeply from his cigarette and

for a moment, the sensation of warm, flavoured smoke rolling down into

his lungs was all he cared about – all else ceased to be for that

briefest instant of time. He wished that moment could last forever, but

it wouldn’t. He placed the cigarette in the grimy, glass ashtray on the

cheap, scratched up pinewood table beside him and exhaled two streams of

thick smoke from his nostrils.

The wooden chair made a creaking noise, as his weight shifted back and

he pulled a worn photograph from his coat pocket. He stared down at it

for a long time, lost in a better place. His fingers slowly ran over the

creases and torn edges that had marred it. It was the last good picture

he had left and he knew he should have it framed and keep it safe from

the damage it would be forced to endure on his person, but he couldn’t –

he needed it close to him.

He returned the picture and glanced over at the two naked women in bed –

their slender, tanned bodies still sleek with the sweat of lovemaking.

He chided himself with a shake of his head – no, he would not try and

fool himself, what they had done had not been ‘lovemaking’ – it had been

sex, plain and simple. An act of lustful desires with a hidden purpose

on both sides, yet he would not deny the pleasure he had taken from it.

He closed his eyes, taking another drag off his cigarette as flashes of

their eager, firm bodies against his ran rampant through his mind; their

exploring hands caressing not only the hardness of his body but the

voluptuous curves of each other’s, willing to discover all the pleasures

that could be had. He could still feel their hungry mouths upon him;

silken lips tasting every forbidden place and trying to find more.

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About the Author:

I am a 31 year old male, born in Canada BC, husband and father, and

have been writing since I was about 14. But only seriously for the last 4

years. I write fantasy, dark fiction, horror, dark erotica and

paranormal erotica. I pride myself on creating detailed visual worlds

and plots that aren’t of the norm that will draw a reader in and leaving

it impossible for them to know what happens next until it does. I

create characters that are real, that have faults and flaws and make

mistakes. I also pride myself on creating real ending not fairy tale

ending. (I suck at bio’s about myself)

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