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5490886Title : On the Edge 
Author:  Kallysten
Date Published: March 3rd 2007   


His new club, On The Edge, catering to vampires and 
humans, is a smashing success, and the beautiful vampire 
Lisa is everything he could have dreamed of.

Review:  Brett the owner of the a club that caters for humans and vampires, the club is such a big success he finds it hard making time for his female vampire Lisa.
So they decide to take on extra help but Brett fears that might be a bad thing when the help comes in the form of Lisa's ex Leo. 

Brett is jealous of Leo but cant hide how turned on he is by the endless possibility's  the situation has. There three very soon become close and both men find a sexual relationship with each other. Lisa is  a strong woman who who knows what she wants and will do what ever it takes to get it and she wants both men. It seems both men cant seem to resist.

This book is a short read, but that doesn't take away from the story. We start off with a very steamy scene that leaves you with a flutter in your belly. Kalleysten wrote this book really well because she made it so easy to  relate with Brett when he was worried  about Leo coming into the relationship, and then curiosity as he found himself attracted to Leo himself.  

This book contains 3 way scenes , so if your very timid then you might not like this book, but if things like this dont bother you then I really think this book is for you. I think once you sit down and start reading this book then you wont be able to stop. A friend of mine ( Megan Root) said in her review that  "Kallystens writing is smooth and extremely hot. she never fails to give her readers a fantastic tale that leaves them panting for more". Well I have to say she wasn't wrong, I couldnt put this book down and im going to have to be truthful and say it left me a little hot under the collar. If this sounds like your kind of book then please, give it a try. You wont be sorry.



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