Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hey all, today I want to tell you all about a blog thats just starting up. Its run by a girl named Marie and she writes fan fic. and today Im going to be teasing you with a little bit. 

Qhuinn stared over at his best friend in shock, the urge to say 'yes' overpowering him. Fuck, the male obviously didn't want to accept Saxton's offer.

But, as much as he loved the guy there was no way was he going to let Blay throw his life away on a waste of space like himself.

"Did you hear me Qhuinn?" Blay whispered in an agonised voice.

Turning off the shower Qhuinn grabbed a towel from the rack and went to stand in front of his friend. With unsteady hands he threaded his fingers into that beautiful red hair, drawing Blay close, and bringing their foreheads together.

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If you like what you have read then please pop over  and read more, all so why dont you follower her for more updates on the story.


  1. Susie, thanks for the heads-up on Tails With A Bite - I'm now subscribed and like what I see on the blog. Of course I love your blog though, *LOL* never enough of the "Good Stuff"!

  2. aahh thanks chick, you just made my day :).