Monday, 23 January 2012


Mandy Hotties blog hop is a weekly thing and it was started by
Felicity Heaton

Anyone is welcome to participate in the blog hop. Felicity has kept the requirements simple so we can all just have some fun. You just have to follow the rules below which boil down to sign up and then find a hot man picture to post every Monday!

Why has Manday become a blog hop? Well, Felicity was speaking to some fellow bloggers who are like me and post a hottie every week. We're basically a bunch of paranormal romance ladies who think seeing hot men on a Monday morning is a great start to the week! We were sure that most of you feel the same, so we put together this hop so we can all enjoy the
excellent array of hotties in the.

So this is what iv been  waiting for, something to heat us all up on this cold Monday morning. Something to Cheer us up when we all just want to be back in bed. Now these guys came right out of my lush lads, so I want them back when your finished.

Now how did you like that, did it worm your toes and excite you lol. Now if you would like to see more, why don't you go check out my Lush Lads page .
You could all so pop over and  see the other blogs taking part in this hop.


  1. Oh my !! I think Im really dirty !!!! I d love to use those hotties for my loofah !!!! pouts !!!! yummy !!!

  2. Ummm Yeah,I'm warm all right......That first pic made my heart pump! LOL! I love me some shower scenes!

  3. Yummmmmm!!! I want some of that

  4. Oh, number 3, you have abs to die for!

  5. I feel the need for a shower all of a sudden! WHEW! ;-)