Thursday, 30 June 2011


OK guys, this was meant to be posted yesterday.But i had my Interview/Giveaway to be posted. so I'm using today  to  put this special lady in the lime light. This lady is  so good at what she does.  And i know lots of people get some joy out of what she does. So now to tell you who I'm talking about.

Shameless Romance Reviews

 SATIN- Who is your fav book guy, and why?

DEE-  Bones! I am the biggest Night Huntress fan. When Bones told Cat "if you run I will find you." He HAD me! I love an uber alpha like Bones.

SATIN- Why do you do your blog.

DEE- I blog for fun!!!! I love chatting about books, and I have been introduced to some amazing authors I probably never would have known other wise!

SATIN- What's been the best post you have ever done?

DEE-  Geez....not my post but Rhonda's interview with Pamela Clare. It was awesome!

SATIN- If you could take any one for dinner who would it be? (please say me lol)

DEE- Laura Wright! She is a favorite author of mine and is super spectacular to her fans. I totally get her humor and her writing. Would love to have dinner with her!

SATIN- Which is your fav blog ever?

 DEE- Bitten by Paranormal. I reviewed for Laurie before having my blog. She introduced me to blogs and new authors. Love her and her site!

Shameless Romance Reviews

There you have it guy's and girls.  That's   what our girl has to say, I hope you enjoyed it :). If you want to hear more from Dee  pop over to her  blog -  DEE- SHAMELESS ROMANCE REVIEWSThere you will find lots of great things.


  1. I feel sooooo special!!!!!! Love ya girl!

  2. Great interview, girlies! I love both your blogs. :)

  3. Thanks Nissie! This was fun!