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Title: The Hand He Dealt
The Hand He DealtAuthor: Tanith Davenport
Date Published: June 13th 2011

DESCRIPTION: Astra Scott likes to live life to the full. A sorority girl and Gaming Management student, she spends her days studying and practising guitar, and her nights partying or working at the Fountain Casino, where she has an internship as part of her final semester. The only blot on her landscape is Ash Drake, her best friend Sasha’s boyfriend. Arrogant, physical and blond, Ash has never forgiven Astra for her rejection months earlier and enjoys annoying her at every turn.

But when Astra’s boyfriend Harry reveals a shocking secret, Astra responds in the only way she can think of: by finding a way to take on a more attractive, masculine role in the relationship. Her experimentation with sex toys finds a surprising outlet in Sasha, but when Ash discovers their secret and wants to get involved, Astra finds herself torn between dislike and desire…and as their undercover relationship grows, Astra finds herself falling in love, a path she feels can only end in heartbreak. For Ash may be the only man whose own fantasies are a match for hers, but can she knowingly steal his affections from her best friend?

Review: This book starts off with Astra  andher friend Sasha  both good friends, both seem  to have normal boy friends, but unknown to the girls both men have a secret. Sasha's bf  Ash's secret is that he has a thing for Astra. But Astra's bf's secret is a little bit more shocking. One day when Astra is walking home, from her job in the casino, Astra seen her  bf coming out of  a club, Astra thought he was just at a normal  club.  But later down the line she finds out its a gay club, I was reading this and I was found my self talking to the book, lol.. I was like NOOO!!!!!!.  lol. So This leaves us with Astra stuggleing with her feelings over this, not know how to deal with what she has learned. is he gay or bisexual, do other people know. it all got to much for her, and pushes her towards Ash (sasha's bf). finding out just how deep his feelings go for her. Astra then turns to her best friend and realises she is starting to get feelings for her and wonders about her own sexuality.
After leaveing the casino where she worked one night Astra found her self being followed. as she pulls out the pepper spray and takes a run for it, she runs smack bang into harry comeing out of a pub and with a man and going rght into the next alley with him,  she see's tham kissing (hot) and makes a break for it. once home she fights for control while she explains everthing that has happened. This night ends with sasha and Astra in be together. Iv never  thought about women/women much, but after reading this book, i find my self thinking how hot it really is.
Speaking of hot, the book goes on  and the 4 of them end up at a party, now this happens to be one of the sexiest seance's iv eer read. both girls decide to wind the boys up.  danceing close together and rubbing up against one another. everyman in the room could not take there eyes off the pair. they danced very seductivly and very flirty till there wasnt a man in the room who didnt stand proud.  now as i say im not gay, but d this book was to carry on id really think about changing. lmao. wow is so not the word.  it was so ot that harry had to leave the party and wait out side for Astra, by the time she joins him he is so worked up he pushes her up against the wall and takes her.
Right i know your all going to hate me for this but i feel like im telling you to much of the story, I really thing you should, buy this book and read it. WOW is so not the word.  there is plots and twists in this book that you wouldnt even think of. , I  really enjoyed it. as I said earlier im not gay, but this book did give me some ideas.  Tanith  you did a really good job with this book, it kept me interested all the way through, im so hoping i get the chance to review any other  book you have out or are bringing out, thats how much I  loved it.



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