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Title:  The Calling
The Calling (Night Breeds, #1)Author:  Lily Graison
Series:  Night Breed
Date Published: 28th febuary   2010


In a world where the supernatural isn’t supposed to exist, one woman comes face to face with the monsters and fights to survive their call.

Investigative reporter Rayna Ford is sent to the small community of Wolf’s Creek to write an expose on a town supposedly over run with werewolves. Assuming the inhabitants to be under a mass delusion, she learns quickly that all isn’t as it seems. Their plans involve more than a newspaper article and her life hangs in the balance as their motive for luring her to them is revealed.

Garrett Kincaid knows a thing or two about werewolves. He is one. After leaving his pack, he’s spent the last twelve years pretending to be something he isn’t. His closely guarded secret threatens to destroy him when he meets Rayna Ford, the woman his wolf has claimed as his own. When he learns the pack has lured Rayna to them in order to get to him, he races to Wolf’s Creek to protect her from the very thing he fears the most. Himself.

The power struggle within the pack becomes clear once Garrett reaches his old home and learns of the pack’s plans for Rayna. The beast lurking beneath his skin is torn between protecting the woman he wants to call mate and keeping the balance within the pack on neutral ground. When choosing a side no longer matters, he does what he must to save his mate, even if that means making one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

When the stakes are high, and lives hang in the balance, can you ignore life as you know it to answer…The Calling.

What can i say about this book, it was amazing, exciting, it had me sat at the edge of my seat  wanting to read more, i couldnt   stop reading it....

Rayna  is a reporter  she is trying to get  to the bottom of the case  she is working on, 3 women have been killed and all of them by very grousome ways....At the same time as this is going on   she is being stalked by a strange man. He keeps trying to get her to visit a strange town called wolf creek.  when she recieves a letter and some very interesting pictures her boss at the  paper makes her go out to wolf creek to get the story but this turns out to be a very bad thing....the stranger  turns out to be a  werewolf and  wants to turn her in to one as well, turns out the whole town is full of werewolfs...she ends up needing the help of her old boy friend to get her out of the mess she is in. But it turns out her ex holds more  secrets. Can she deal with them to help save her life or will it be the end of her.

Garrett  omg i so love him, he's tall and very sexy. But he has a dark past that he has tryed to keep hidden from his new life.How will he keep his old life and new life apart. he gets a phone call from someone from his old town wolf creek, forceing him to go back  and face what he's been  putting off for years...But when he gets there he finds out his ex Rayna  has  gone there as well and is in great danger. He hopes he can get to her long enough to save her.

Lily my hat  goes off to you, i really enjoyed this book..I  thought it was very exciting and  kept  me on the edge of my seat,It was full of adventure  right from the start.I  all so think  the  sex sceane  was very hot and steamy, lucky rayna, Im really thinking  Lily needs to write me into these books lol...I  loved the characters in it, some of them were very dark and scarey but made the book what it is. I loved the way she made the bad guys. full of  malice  and anger. ver scarey  *shiver*. Im all so gonna congratulate Lily    for the way she describes   the people changeing  into the werewolfs....she goes into great detail and you can picture it in your head like you were there . i will say as well her monsters are like real monsters, there not   sugar coated  like in most books......I  really loved this book and cant wait to move on to the next one... I m hoping it will just as great as this one...

  (Id like to say i would prob end up giving this book more then  5 stars if i marked the  books differently)


  1. Great review!! And I agree with you, Lily is amazing ;)

  2. I LOVE moving on to her next one today.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope the sequel, The Gathering, will have you on the edge of your seat as well!

  4. lily i did i loved it, im just about to start the gathering..but i cant wait..iv posted the review of this one on goodreads but still to do amozan yet, because iv to set up an acount, but ill get to it before i finshe this book, then i can put both up for you....

  5. Thank you so much, Sue! I appreciate it. ;-)

  6. any time chick, i really enjoyed doing it.