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First id like to  thank everyone for coming, I know some of you have been looking forward to this.. Today  I'm going to be talking to the one and only Gena Showalter...

GENA SHOWALTER is the New York Times and national bestselling author of more than twenty novels in a wide range of genres, including her acclaimed Alien Huntress series for Pocket Books: Awaken Me Darkly, Enslave Me Sweetly, Savor Me Slowly, Seduce the Darkness, and Ecstasy in Darkness. she all so wrote the brilliant  Lords of the Underworld.   Her fiction has appeared in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen and has been nominated for a prestigious RITA, as well as the National Reader's Choice Award. She is universally acknowledged to be "made of awesome." Visit her website at

SATIN:  Well first id like to say thank you for  talking to me, I know you must be very busy.  Before you  became a writer,  was there  any Book /Author who   influenced you and made you think, Wow this is what i wanna do.......

GENA:   Oh, absolutely! Different authors bring different things to the table, and I love them for it! Johanna Lindsey, Karen Marie Moning, PC Cast, and Linda Howard ignited my love for paranormal romance. They showed me that anything is possible (and alpha men are wonderfully, gloriously sexy!). Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Cruise taught me the thrill of humor in romance.

SATIN:   I know most of us have days where our brains don’t work right, some more then others *cough* *me* *cough.* And I’m sure it’s the same for you sometimes, so do you ever experience writer’s block, and what do you do to pull yourself out of it....

GENA:   There have been times when I haven’t known which direction to go with a book and/or character. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk, and the answer will just come to me. (I adore those instances) Other times I’ll just sit down and write anyway and eventually get to a place that works. (I hate those instances) With the second method, I usually end up cutting a big chunk of the book and trying again. But, as much as I hate doing that, it keeps me writing, keeps me thinking about the characters and what they’re doing, what they need, so I can’t complain.

SATIN:  Has there been any thing you have written that you really didn’t like, anything that just didn’t feel right....

GENA: I would love to completely rewrite my first handful of published books. I’ve learned so much since their creation, and I think I could do so much more with them.

SATIN:   What is your favourite theme/genre to write about, which gets you most excited and gives you most ideas…

GENA:  Paranormal romance for sure. The possibilities are endless! Anything I can think up, I can write about.

SATIN:   Now which country do you think you have the most fans, and is there any where your Books aren’t on sale that you would like them to be..

GENA:  I would love to see my books everywhere and in every possible incarnation! Like, say, made
into movies and TV shows, and and and . . . LOL My list could go on forever. It’s such a thrill to see a single book taking different creative forms.

SATIN: Ok now all my sexy ladies would love to know more about the lords. Have these books been as popular as you had many books do you see there being in the series?

GENA:  I was wonderfully surprised (and oh, so nervous) with the release of The Darkest Night. I mean, the warriors I introduced were essentially bad guys. They were possessed by demons, had once burned villages and destroyed innocents, and they were flawed and naughty. I loved them, but I wasn’t sure anyone else would.

I would love to write a book for every demon-possessed warrior, as well as some of their friends. The angelic warriors, the Harpies, the Phoenix shifters, and William (self-proclaimed sex god of the entire world.) Most especially William.

SATIN:  I know most of my ladies, well all my ladies, lol, will wanna know which of the lords is the one you love most, which one floats your, I know mine is the very HOT Aeron *licks lips* … any time you want to take Olivia out of the story, I will gladly take her place…*wink*

GENA: My favorite Lord is definitely Strider. I love his warped sense of humor, his willingness to stab any one at any time, just to win a challenge, and his love a good party. All of which comes back to haunt him in his book. His heroine makes him work for it, that’s for sure.

SATIN: I really would love to know the answer to the next one,  and i know my ladies do as well . so what’s gonna happen with paris and sienna, are they really going to end up together.. .or will our Paris get someone else.

GENA:  I really really want to spill details, but I just can’t. Not yet. (And this isn’t a publicity thing or anything like that. It’s a fear thing.) I haven’t had time to go over the draft a final time, and I need to do that before I can turn it in. Having reread The Darkest Surrender at line-edit, stage one, I realized I have to make some changes in Seduction. Before I could dive in, though, I had a major rewrite come in for Dark Taste of Rapture. At the same time, in came a revision (and soon after, copy edits) for Lord of the Vampires, as well as copy edits and galleys for Twisted, as well as a major rewrite for Dating the Undead. Yep, everything piled in at once and March was my busiest month. However, I’m turning things in one at a time (as well as trying to write the rough draft for Alice in Zombieland) and as soon as I go through The Darkest Surrender line-edit, stage two, I’ll jump back into Paris’s story. Once my editor has read it and given her approval for the storyline, I’ll spill details, I promise! I’m just afraid major changes will be needed, and I do not want to lead readers astray and have later have to say, oops never mind! The moment my editor has read it and given the okay, I will post information about the story, you have my word!

SATIN:  Do you think there will be any spin-off series coming from the Lords, will we find out what the babies grow into and will any other of the lords get families...

GENA: The publisher and I have talked about doing a spin-off. Nothing is concrete yet, but I would love to do this. Actually, I’m foaming at the mouth to do it. Other babies are a maybe.

SATIN:    I’d like to thank you again for doing this, your a real sport, and I do love your books.. . Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans out there that might be reading this...anything at all you would like to add...

GENA : Thank you so much for having me! And thank you everyone for your continued support. You allow me to do what I love, and I am forever grateful!

If you would like to  find out more about Genas work then pop over to her web site.


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