Thursday, 14 April 2011


Love Bites (Argeneau, #2)Title: Love bite
Author:Lynsay Sanda
Series: Argeneau
Date Published:  14  January  2004

  Etienne Argeneau can turn one human into a vampire in his lifetime - an honour his kind usually reserved for their life mates, to let their love life forever. But it's all a bit more complicated than that. Rachel Garrett, a beautiful coroner, has just saved his life and now she's about to lose hers. Etienne has a choice: he can save her life in turn, and thus doom himself to an eternity alone, unable to create his own life mate. Or he can watch his saviour die in the name of a love he has yet to meet. Her life and his love weigh in the balance, and whatever Etienne does he may live to regret for eternity . . . The first book in the Argeneau series introduces the Argeneau family, and features a chaotic romance you can really sink your teeth into

iv not got  a lot to say about this book other then I found it hard to get into, I  think it had a good plot but not enough was made of it.   it was slow and there wasn't enough going on in it...

Etiene   well he's hot and sexy  and  he's a vamp.  He makes computer games for a living....He gives up his chance for his life mate by save Rachel....will he be able to make her see tat the best thing for her would be to stay with him that he will love her more then anything...well ladies and gents i think we all know the answer to i think just because the main guy is sexy as hell it doesn't make the  book great.

Rachel   spends  her life working the night shift at the morgue . when she comes across a dead guy with a difference.He comes back to life. then when Rachel is trying to come to terms with this another guy walks in and  trys to kill him again but by mistake he kills Rachel.once Etiene  saves her by turning her into a vamp.   has to come to terms with her new life living as a vamp....

I'm sorry Lynsay but this story was just to slow and very mushy . I all so have something else to add, this book wasn't edited very well, or at least my copy wasn't, there was so many mistakes in it. when i read a vamp book   I want lots of action and again I'm sorry but this book just didn't have any...



  1. OMG!!! One Star!! Really? I loved this book, Ethan one of my fav. I think this is a good series. Granted some of the books can be a little slow, but they still good. For once I'm gonna have to disagree with you my love.

  2. lmao, im sorry lol, but they were twon slow....i like vamp books to be full of action.

  3. This series is a total hit or miss depending on the book.

  4. i really dont like these book. but having said that i wouldnt mind a fling with Etienes brother lol.....

    and i all ways feel guilty writing a bad review lol

  5. You shouldn't feel bad, It's your opinion! Felicity Heaton gave few stars to some of the books in this series on GR

  6. now ill have to go check that out lol.