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Sonar the Crashing Book Tour/Giveaway!!

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/8/14-1/5/14

Genres: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance


Is it more than déjà vu? With the Romeland family it may be destined to be true.

Life on Earth is not the only place where devastation occurs and hard

choices must be made. The Royal 4 of Kadan live in the Sonar galaxy

three million light years from Earth. They travel to Earth to obtain the

resources they need to give their world a fighting chance.

Their mission is compromised and they’re faced with life changing

events. They have amnesia and no memory of their past. Strange dreams

start to occur. They wonder if it’s more than a dream, or is it déjà vu?

The mind is a complex mystery. Amnesia is a secret unknown. The role

it manifests in these characters’ lives is a catastrophic cyclone.

Shiray is frantic when she is the first to find out about their true

destiny and that the love of her life no longer remembers who she is.

She must find a way to restore her family before all is lost. They must

prevail because the fate of their planet lies in their hand.

What would you do if you had amnesia and fell in love, only to learn

upon regaining your memory, that you are already married? Find out in

this Electric thriller!



night I had the scariest dream of them all. I opened my eyes, and I

was in a spacecraft going through the atmosphere of a dark planet. I

walked into the cock pit and there was my guy. I could feel my cheeks

flush. There were also four other women and six other men, all around

my age. My guy smiled at me.

     “Are you

ready? We have to hurry. A storm is on the way,” he said. The huge

door to the ship opened. It looked like the opening to the back of a

cargo ship. I gasped in disbelief. The sky outside the ship was

black, and all we could see was water. The men shined the light in

the water and threw down a net.

     “Don’t be

scared, Sweetheart,” my guy said. “We’re very low on food, and

there is no telling how long this storm will last.” I smiled at

him. Suddenly the wind started howling, like a wind I had never heard

before. It sounded like a freight train. The water started forming

huge waves and the ship started rocking.

     “We have to

hurry! The storm is coming in fast, and it will take us down if we

don’t get out of here!” one of the men yelled. A huge wave rose

up and washed over the ship. “Everyone grab a hold whole of

something!” somebody screamed. “I’m taking off!”

     Then another

huge wave washed over the ship. I tried to grab a hold of something,

but the pressure was too strong. I was too close to the door, and

fell out. We were high up, and it took me a while before I hit the

water. I went deep under. The water was so cold; it felt like knives

were stabbing me all over my body. I tried to swim to the surface,

remembering I knew how, but it was like the pressure was keeping me

down. I had never felt so scared before. Then I saw him and he

grabbed me. He had a rope around his waist. He tugged on it, and it

started pulling us up. Before we reached the surface I could no

longer hold my breath. Water came gushing into my mouth, and I

couldn’t breathe. Oh my God, I can’t breathe! My mind

screamed. My body started jerking. I was frantic, and we still had

not reached the surface. The next thing I saw was darkness.

     I heard

voices. “She’s coming to! She’s coming to!” I opened my eyes

slowly. I felt pressure on my chest; I turned quickly on my side and

started coughing up water and gasping for air. Everyone started

laughing and sighing in relief. I looked up, and my guy was leaning

over me. He must have revived me. He was crying and laughing. He

grabbed me into his arms. “You scared me. I thought I’d lost

you,” he said.

     “Thank you,”

I said, hugging him. I felt relieved to be in his arms.


made it out of Hydrocesis atmosphere safely. Let’s head home.” I

heard a man say.

     Then I jolted

awake, and quickly sat up in my bed. I was sweating profusely. This

was no regular dream; this was a waking dream. I could still feel the

pressure in my lungs and the taste of salt water in my mouth. My skin

felt wet, and I was cold. I started sobbing. Who was I? Where did I

come from? I needed answers and stayed awake for the rest of the

night, my mind astir. Everything was a blur.

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About the Author:

I have wanted to be an author since I was fifteen years old and

grateful to have accomplished this dream. I have three wonderful

children and a husband who defines the person I am today. I work

full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.

I have very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. I like to read,

watch tons of TV shows, and movies. I’m addicted to romance and get a

thrill out of action and suspense. I write New Adult Fantasy, Sci-fi,

and Paranormal-Romance.

In the Sonar series it was fun to explore different elements of

Sci-fi romance and create various realms of powers for my characters. I

want to show my readers that Sci-fi can be fun, but also traumatic. I

hope you guys enjoy the Sonar Series.

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