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Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/26/14 – 12/24/14

Genres: Erotica


Mary Jane has given up on men when she reluctantly travels to New

Orleans for a weekend getaway with girlfriends. Stubborn and determined

to steer clear of trouble, she’s sealed her sensuality under lock and

key. Fate intervenes, however, with a chance to rediscover her sexual

self. She will encounter three spirits – each one with an erotic test

that will compel her to confront deeply held inhibitions and fears. She

accepts the challenge and embarks on a decadent, daring, and

unforgettable journey into paranormal pleasure.




Jane gulped. Placing the strap of her purse firmly over her shoulder,

she inhaled a hefty draft of cool air into her lungs.
Here goes nothing. Then she walked up the sidewalk, toward the front door of the book shop.


unseen bell jangled as she opened the door and quickly looked around.

The shop was jammed with shelves, but there wasn’t another person in

sight. Not even an employee came forward as she stepped inside and

strolled cautiously down an aisle. The air welcomed her, though, with

the deliciously familiar scent of paper and ink.



smell was comfortingly consistent; just like the public library or the

Barnes and Noble near her house, and to Mary Jane’s nose, more enticing

than freshly baked cookies. She let her fingers trail down a neatly

arranged row of novels, the perfectly straight spines smooth to her

touch. Passing a display of cookbooks, she turned down another aisle.

Ghosts of New Orleans

read the spidery silver script on an oval-shaped purple cardboard sign.

She stopped, glancing at the titles. Glossy and unspoiled, the book

jackets begged to be picked up and read. She stroked one cover, a black

and white photograph of the French Quarter from the 1920s, but she

didn’t remove it from the shelf. She read the words Historical Hauntings from another, the bold crimson printing catching her eyes. Then she saw a small black clothbound book, jacketless. Ghost Lover,

the ornate embossed gold lettering in the worn cover proclaimed. She

reached out her right hand, intending flip through a few pages.

Excellent taste, young lady,” The voice made Mary Jane jump. She dropped her hand

and whirled around.


was tall and sandy-haired, with hawk-like eyebrows that dominated his

almond-shaped brown eyes, tiny crows’ feet fanning out from the corners.

Well-shaped lips curled in amusement at her shock. “Did I surprise

you?” he asked in a flawlessly articulated English accent, sounding

rather like the headmaster of an expensive private school.

Yes,” Mary Jane answered defensively, her fingers itching as if the impulse to touch the book had burned her.

Go ahead,” the man urged. “Pick it up, it’s an intriguing story.”


Jane glanced back at the book, small and faded, so nondescript. Yet she

had an overwhelming desire to shove it in her purse and run out of the



have that effect on people, don’t they? The urge to escape into fiction

can be rather overwhelming.” His voice was rich, like a heavy drizzle

of caramel, and Mary Jane couldn’t help but look up at him again. He

narrowed his eyes even as he smiled, and proffered his hand. “Barrett

Stone, at your service.”

Nice to meet you, Mr. Stone.”

His eyes flickered as he looked her up and down. “No need to be so formal, Mary Jane. You can call me Barrett.”

Oh shit.

“Are you…? Are you one of the…?” She let her voice trail into a

whisper, to his very visible amusement. “Are you one of the spirits?”


nodded slowly and with one large hand, he plucked the book from the

shelf and handed it to Mary Jane. “Here, this is yours to keep. Now,” he

offered her his elbow, “I hope you’ll do me the honor of accompanying

me.” It was not a question.


Jane accepted the book and slid it inside her purse before placing her

hand on his arm, deceptively strong beneath the elegant tailoring of his

suit coat. “Where are we going?” She was almost afraid to ask, but

Driver’s words reverberated in her head. Don’t be afraid to be scared.

She hoped his advice was right.


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About the Author:

Lush Jones is a Texas writer of erotica, fantasy, and anything in

between. She wrote her first racy story at the tender age of 14,

although the details were somewhat lacking. Fortunately, her imagination

has improved since then. She loves New Orleans, red wine, and men who

love ballsy women.


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