Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tempest Flies to Freedom book tour!!!

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/25/14 – 12/2/14

Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Action and Adventure, General Fiction


John Tempest a one-time soldier turned business man and


producer, womaniser, charlatan, who has floated through life by the seat

of his pants gets a rude awakening after he meets up with an old friend

from way back when. It sets up a chain of events that takes him from a

relatively serene life style back to one of danger, intrigue and



“Do you know anything else about this body you discovered?” I said half heartedly.

“Yes, as I said he was wearing a submariner’s World War Two German

officers uniform. My friend Hans saw some type of insignia that

indicated he was from quite a well known one; the notorious U47. It was

sunk in 1941 in waters around Scapa Flow.”

“What do you mean waters around?”

“All right not exactly Scapa Flow but more sort of North West a bit.”

“Jonesy this is starting to sound crazy.” He laughed at that, in a way that suggested I and not he was the deluded idiot.

“Look, does it matter exactly where the sub met its fate or should I

say allegedly met its fate. There could be a hundred possible reasons

why this guy ended up here. The fact is we saw what we saw. Look John,

this is not bullshit you know. You know me from old. I’m not the sort of

man to come hammering on your door for a hand out if I needed one, but

look at the facts.

Firstly how the hell does someone who has been dead for more than

sixty five years, fully preserved, happen to have an address on him of a

new build here in London? Secondly, how come this name corresponds to

the occupier? Thirdly, what on earth was the submariner doing on dry

land, on enemy territory? Lastly, we discover the body over sixty five

years later and within seven hours it totally disappears, interested?”

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About the Author:

R A Macbain Left school and joined The Military where he served with various units.

He was a specialist in several areas which kept him very much in demand around the world.

Macbain left the service after 8 years to take up different challenges.

He is an accomplished Modern Jazz, Blues and Session Musician. He is

also a multi instrumentalist. These were not skills acquired from

service days.

For more please visit!bio/c1ktj

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