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592806Title: Tempting the beast
Author:Loar Leigh
Date Published:  July 25th 2008

Description:   Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment. One of six fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride. Merinus Tyler is the reporter who will tempt him, draw him, until the fury of the "mating frenzy" locks them into a battle of sexual heat there is no escape from.

Deception, blood, and the evil Genetics Council are hot on their trail. Callan will use his strength to try and save them both...and do all in his power to keep his woman in the process


Marinus is a journalist who investigates Callan Lyons, A genetic experiment. Marinus finds her self drawn to Callan , Callan Lyons half man, half lion knows he has Marinus on his his tail. and we watch the two fighting an attraction they seem to have one another. The two dont last very long before the book starts heating up and they find themselves in a sexual relationship. and we find they ant seem to keep there hands of each other. we find that there is a lot of sex in this book  and we also get a good description of her lady parts, and  Callans penis barb (scary lol) which sometimes made me laugh. 

I thought I would like this book but I have to say it was just sex. I know erotica is mainly sex but I didnt think the story behind the sex was a strong enough of a  story to keep me interested. I always say that even erotica books should have a good story so you can get to know the characters better and things like that. I find that if there isnt enough of a story behind all the sex then it gets boring and hard to read. after all when you have read one sex scene you can more or less say you read them all because they dont seem to vary much.  I think so much more  ould of been done with this story and I think it could of been fantastic but as it is, its just not for me. 

I dont like giving books one star but I just couldnt bring my self to rate it any higher. I f the story was worked at then maybe I would reconsider my rating.


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