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Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness

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As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year, the first Shades of Pink event raised over $10,000 through more than 1300 donations!

For our second year, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2), totaling almost 150.000 words / about 400 pages as a PDF.

The suggested donation is $5. Funds are raised via and all proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Readers can also donate to the charity organization of their choice (with a focus on breast cancer) and email their receipt to receive their copy of the anthology in either PDF, ePub or mobi (kindle).

Who: Catherine Bowman, Mitzi Calderone, Vivien Dean, JJ and TA Ellis, Sabrina Garie, Nina Day Gerard, T. Hammond, Susan Harris, Laura Hunsaker, Kallysten, Amara Lebel, Alicia J. Love, Deelylah Mullin, C. Deanne Rowe, Cynthia Sax, DJ Shaw, Alice Stark, Ashley Suzanne, Gill Taber, Natasza Waters, Zoe York, Angela Yseult

When: Now through November 15th.

What: 22 short stories, including…
4 paranormal, 1 sci-fi, 11 contemporary, 1 historical, 2 military, 3 BDSM, 2 YA (some stories have more than one genre)
3 spicy (ménage or kink), 7 sexy (explicit sex scenes), 12 sweet (no sex)
A couple of vampires, about three dozen humans including soldiers, geeks, teachers, librarians, writers, survivors, bosses, rock stars, teens, mages, wives, husbands and fiancés, 1 succubus, 1 genie, a few aliens, some werewolves and other shifters.
Pink, pink and more pink, including tattoos, plenty of flowers, precious stones, jewelry, a bookmark, a drawing, ropes, lingerie, a car, a bag, a vase, various clothes, an anteater and a squirrel.

Where: Kallysten’s blog
Here you’ll find links to teasers for the stories, interviews of the authors and blog posts during all of October, a FAQ, and of course the link where you can donate and help this worthy cause

Well I thought id get involved in this because getting awareness out about breast cancer is in all women's best interest. , So for my part in this im going to be telling you a little about one of the authors taking part in the Shades of Pink book..

About the Author: 


I’m a busy working mom of two young boys, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious romance reader. In early 2012, I got an idea for a novel. Then another, and another. My Google Drive account exploded with outlines and chunks of text and character bibles.
Over Christmas, I started a holiday novella. By the end of January, it was clear I was going to wander past novella length, and the story wasn’t limited to the holiday season. And it wasn’t just one book, anymore – it was also an introduction to a small town, Wardham.
A year later, I’m putting the finishing touches on the fourth Wardham title, and getting ready to launch a new series (Camo Cay). That series will be written on a much slower schedule, but look for the first two titles in 2014.


Ember's only had a few hours to wrap her head around being Gage's girl, and already she feels threatened. But her bond with the up-and-coming rock star is greater than any doubt, and Gage is happy to demonstrate just how much he wants and needs her—body and soul.

A short story sequel to See Me, that will be published in the 2014 Shades of Pink Charity Anthology (October 2014).
Zoe York

Ember's only had a few hours to wrap her head around being Gage's girl, and already she feels threatened. But her bond with the up-and-coming rock star is greater than any doubt, and Gage is happy to demonstrate just how much he wants and needs her—body and soul.


The prequel to this story, See Me, published in the 2013 Shades of Pink Anthology, is available as a free gift to subscribers of Zoe York’s newsletter.


Ember Mulligan updated her status:
Watching Gage do a sound check at The Palace. How surreal is that?

Ember stretched her legs in front of her and thought about pulling her notes out of her bag. Her last exam was two days away and it wasn’t like her not to stay focused. But then it wasn’t every day you discover that your best friend is into you just as much as you are into him. They’d spent the day making out, and Ember wondered if her lips looked as swollen as they felt. Could anyone tell she was squirming in her chair at the mere thought of kissing Gage?
The headlining band took the stage and Gage and his band-mate Jay hopped down. They were immediately intercepted by a couple of obvious industry types. The boys looked every bit the part of the badass rockers they aspired to be. Jay had full-sleeve tattoos and a couple of visible piercings—Gage had told her about some of the hidden piercings as well, which made Ember’s eyes bug out. Then she asked Gage if he’d ever be up for getting pierced.
He hadn’t said no. Shivers.
Gage had ink, too, but it was subtle. His first ever line of lyrics in script on his rib cage. His mother’s name wrapped in a pink ribbon on his calf. But most of his presence came from the fact that he was so big—and the shaved head and gorgeous eyes helped, too. He had a face made for the cover of Rolling Stone. And just last night, and then again this morning, that face had been finally pressed up against hers.
He’d shown up a day early in the city to celebrate a recording deal. Jay hit the clubs. Gage picked up tequila (for his celebration) and champagne (for Ember’s almost graduation) and they’d gotten a little drunk.
A lot drunk.
They’d kissed until Ember begged Gage to take her to bed. He did—to tuck her in. He’d crawled in with her, and she’d slept all night with his big, calloused hand pressed against the warm flat of her belly.
There had been kissing before, during, and after breakfast. Some groping on her couch before they came here. Heat rolled over Ember at the memory of Gage’s thigh sliding between her legs. The thick ridge of his erection had pressed on her hip, but when she’d tried to get him right where she wanted him, he’d pulled back.
If his plan was to keep her hot and bothered, it was totally working. They wouldn’t have any alone time again until after the show. Those industry people were taking him out for dinner. Gage wanted her to come along but she’d begged off. She’d meet up with Piper before the show instead. Less chance of embarrassing herself that way.
Across the room, Gage ducked his head, clearly tiring of the conversation. Jay took over, but Ember frowned at the thought that this wasn’t making Gage happy. Surely this was a part of the game. He glanced in her direction, then pulled his phone from his pocket.

Gage: We should get out of here.
Ember: I’m distracting you.
Gage: I want to be distracted by you. I want to be alone with you. I want to be naked with you.

Oh my god. She closed her eyes for a minute as a stupidly big smile spread across her face.

Ember: Wow.
Gage: Too much?

He shot her another look, and she slowly shook her head.

Ember: Later. You were really good. We’ve got all the time in the world after you impress them with your awesomeness.
Gage: You watched me? You should have been studying.
Ember: Nope. That was more fun.
Gage: Come give me a kiss.
Ember: You’re busy.
Gage: Clearly I’m not. Come give me a kiss, woman.

She stuffed her textbook away and hopped up. She could pretend to be cool enough to have a rock star boyfriend. Her heartbeat picked up as she sauntered toward the group.
“Everyone, this is my girl, Ember.” Gage slid his hand possessively around her waist and pulled her close. Inside, she was all bouncing balls and lit-up nerves, but she offered a hopefully gracious smile and looked around the group. Jay she knew already—they weren’t close, but he and Gage had a good working relationship. There were two men and one woman, and Ember hated that she immediately searched the blonde’s face for any sign of interest in Gage. Before, her passive jealousy of groupies was harmless because he was just a fantasy. She couldn’t start a relationship with him and immediately start looking for threats.
“I’m Kelsey,” the blonde said, extending her hand as she gave Ember an appraising look—didn’t even try to hide it. The two men introduced themselves as Matt and Tyson, but Kelsey was clearly in charge of the conversation. “Will you be joining us for dinner?”
Ember explained she was meeting a friend, ignoring Gage’s tightening hold on her, and Kelsey’s gaze stuck to her like glue. Was that good? Or not? Did she expect something else of Gage’s girlfriend? They’d only started dating that morning. She couldn’t be anyone other than herself. And she needed some time to process what it would be like to date someone who’d be coming and going a lot, constantly surrounded by women who wanted a piece of him when she wasn’t around.
Kelsey’s mind obviously went to the same place. “Has Gage told you about their upcoming mini-tour?”
Did this woman think that Gage called random strangers his girl? Ember knew the right answer. “Of course. I’m so proud of him.” And that truth fell with total ease from her lips. She looked up and repeated the words, this time for his benefit alone.
Gage’s voice rumbled from deep inside his chest. “Give me a minute, guys? I want to walk Ember out.”
He slid his fingers through hers and warm pleasure strummed through her middle. His hand felt so good holding hers, big and strong and confident. Their footsteps echoed in the empty club and Ember was painfully aware she could still hear the conversation that continued behind them so she kept her happy little smile to herself. Stepping outside, into the noise of downtown Toronto on a busy Thursday afternoon, gave them more privacy.
“Have a good dinner,” she said, folding herself flat against his body.
He grinned down at her, then gave her a more serious look that warned a kiss was on its way. “I’d rather—”
“Nuh-uh,” she said, shaking her head. “Don’t say it. You’ve got important rock star business to attend to. I’m all yours at the end of the night. Besides…” She trailed off, unsure of her place. She didn’t need to convince herself that Gage wanted her, but for all that they knew about each other, this was new. Did he like dirty talk? Would demure flirting be more up his alley?
Gage as a boyfriend was a totally different bailiwick than Gage as a best friend.
“Besides what?” He slid his hand against her neck, making her shiver. “You like being sexually on edge for hours and hours?”
Uhm, actually… “Yeah, maybe.” She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. She didn’t need to overthink this. He obviously wasn’t. “Wanting you is a really yummy feeling.”
He dipped his head and kissed her then, a barely there slide against her top lip, then a lick against the bottom. She parted for him and he moved inside, teasing her tongue with his before pulling back. “I promise, having me will feel even better.”
“You’re the one who wanted it to be perfect.” She wiggled her fingers under the hem of his t-shirt, enjoying the way he shivered at her touch.
“Don’t remind me,” he muttered, but his eyes were warm and soft.
“I can’t wait to see you perform tonight,” she said, changing the subject.
“Right. About that.” Gage pulled two lanyards with laminated VIP passes from his back pocket. “For you and Piper. Security will help get you to the front of the crowd if you want, or you can watch from the side of the stage.”
“Got it.” She tucked the passes into her bag, then stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss of her own, full of promise. “You’re going to be great.”

 If you want to read See Me before reading Touch me then the  info below might interest you.


See Me, is now available as a free download for all of my newsletter subscribers. (If you’ve already subscribed, go through the motions again! You won’t get duplicate emails, I promise). It’s also available on Amazon as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service if that’s easier.

 For more info on Zoe York  click the Links below 
 For more info on Shades of pink and the other authors taking part then click the link below

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