Monday, 6 October 2014


Title: Perilous Risk
Author: Natasha Blackthorne 

Date Published: October 2014

Description:Heartbroken and disillusioned, Rebecca Howland is done with all men. Especially noblemen. Past a certain age, she knows her previous life of carnal indulgence and grand adventure is over. Or so she thinks. Back at home, whilst working in her family’s shop, a moment of compassion entangles her in an old battle between two powerful, bitter enemies. A commoner, Rebecca finds herself falsely accused of a heinous act by a vicious member of the aristocracy. In grave peril, she turns to the one man she thinks can help her. 

Stephen Drake, now inexplicably Baron Drake, has always desired Rebecca. When she turns to him, he vows to protect her at all costs, especially from the dangerous life he lives. The stakes are high and time is running out for her … and for him as well. Stephen finds himself driven to ruthless actions that threaten to kill the fragile bond between them.

Years ago, Rebecca forbade herself to love Stephen Drake. Now he’s back, no longer the young man she remembers but a dark and dangerous stranger. When he demands a fortnight of her complete submission in return for his protection, his sexual dominance ignites a carnal passion that makes her feel alive like never before. But … dare she trust a man with too many secrets? 

Review: Rebecca starts off seeing one man in a time when having a sexual relationship could ruin a young lady, he is her protector and wont let anyone touch her without his say so. but Rebecca is tempted by another man and things don't go the way she would like them to so that life is left behind her.

Rebecca is called upon to help someone and it all goes south  when she finds that it leads to her  getting dragged into something she didn't want to get involved in.and this leads her to seek help off a man she once couldn't stop lusting after.

Steven has always wanted Rebecca but it was a dream he could never have, until one day she shows up looking for help so he says he will help her as long as she gives herself to him.He is determined to save her from her troubles but in doing so he has to try to keep her safe from the life he leads.

Rebecca didn't want to feel anything for Steven but she finds that she is drawn to him and she gives him  the sexual obedience he asks for.

Iv not read this other two books in this series and I'm regretting that because if they are as good as this one then I would of fully enjoyed them.  Thankfully you don't need to read the other two books to know whats going on, its easy enough to catch on.

This book has a dominance  and submission and I have to say I like that. I have to admit this book left little flutters in the bottom of my stomach.Natasha did a great job of writing this book, it had me gripped right from the begging  to end.  if you like this kind of book then you are going to LOVE!! this one. Not only are the sex scenes really well written but it also has a really good story line which you can picture your self as Rebecca and living her life. Im really glad I read this book yet again there is no disappointment from Mrs Natasha Blackthorne.




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