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Morning all, im here this morning to give a shout out to all my favorite bloggers and authors. It gives us a chance to see what others are up to and all so makes sure we dont miss anything lol.  if any of my followers/bloggers/authors would like a shout out at any point then please let me know.

Today id like to give a shout out to author Robert Ruisi, He has just had a book published  and he wanted to tell you all about it.  but before I do let me tell you more about the man himself. 

Image of Robert L Ruisi

Author Robert L Ruisi: I was born in Manhattan, New York, USA I spent most of my life in New Jersey. As a child I was known to tell a good story or two! Life was like trying to find your way in the dark! One day after becoming ill with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease I woke up and was able to write! I have no idea where it comes from and I don’t dare question it. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve written and that it helps you to learn to cherish and appreciate the smaller things that life has to offer along with your children.

Robert has been compared to Eager Allen Poe, and for any one who doesnt know who that is iv looked it up for you.  If you would like more info then please click the link below.

About the Book

The Unknown Stories An anthology of six stories, which will take you down a road of fear, excitement, confusion or suspense, each one ending with a twist. Will you guess the endings before you read them? One of my early readers kindly compared these stories to those of Edgar Allan Poe. As you can imagine, I was humbled by his words. The six stories: The House - newly weds take off on a trip, but stumble into an adventure of a different (or sexier) kind The Car Ride - a late-night drive in the rain turns to confusion and terror (or fear) for three friends The Camping Trip - a couple of hikers discover there's no smoke without fire in the forest The Night Out - Title - two lovers set on out a date, but fate takes an unexpected turn The Winery - a tour to take in the sights finds much more on the vine than grapes The Library - we enter the secret world of the avid reader

if you would like to get a copy of Roberts book then all you need to do is click the amazon link and it will take you straight there.     The Unknown Stories at Amazon

Id all so like  to give a shout out to some special ladys who are hosting a very interesting blog hop.  I first heard about it from Natasha Blackthorne and here is what she said. 

Happy Friday!
Please join me for the Chocolate, Roses & Handcuffs Blog Hop and enter to win a free ebook copy of one of my erotic historical romances. (For Adults 18+ Only)

"Jonathon was pure male and super hot...a perfect mix of passion, dominance and submission..." Sam Crescent 

"...a too-die-for alpha hero who loves to dominate the heroine, and an interesting storyline...definitely one of the best erotic romances I've read this year. Jonathan Lloyd, the Earl of Ruel, is my new Christian Grey!" Dana Delamar

"...a real, sweet love story in a BDSM romance...definitely a keeper." Deborah Court

A MEASURED RISK features a shy, intellectual, strong-willed widow with real life curves (Rubenesque/BBW) and a protective, possessive Dominant, alpha male hero. This is a story of Dominance and submission with light BDSM, emotional healing, trust and love.

For more info please click the link above. x

If anyone would like a shout out in Satins shout outs then please just let me know what  you would like everyone to know and id be more then happy to let my followers know. xxx

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