Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Wow I’m so excited to be talking with you. Can  you  tell us a little bit about yourself  because  not  all  my followers will know who you are.

Thank you so much for having me here, Sue! I love writing dark paranormal romances and horror, sometimes a story I’m working on will have a good mix of both. My latest novel is Diary of a Vampire Stripper, which was released just two weeks ago.

                Aside from writing, I also have an Etsy shop, Mistress Rae’s Decadent Designs where I create lots of creepy dolls, Victorian/steampunk-inspired jewelry, accessories, and more. I work on items year round, and I’m currently prepping for a few horror conventions. My store recently won the Fright Times Award for ‘Best Horror Collectible’ at the National Halloween & Haunters Convention in Oaks, PA, and I was completely stunned but ecstatic!

                I’m also Editor/Publisher of award-winning Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine that I publish tri-annually. It’s open year-round to submissions, and it also caters to the first-timer trying to find a place to publish their work. I understand completely how hard it is for a newbie to have their voice heard in a sea full of writers, and I’d like for the zine to be one of their stepping stones.

Can you tell us how you got into writing, what made you sit up and think *yes this is what I want to do* and what was your first book you wrote and what made you write it.

I started writing in the 3rd grade, just short stories at first. I never had that proverbial epiphany that said, “YES! This is what I want to do!”--- It sort of felt ingrained in me already, but I think it was around 8th grade when I made that decision in my mind that I wanted to be a published author one day. Writing stories just came to me naturally, among other interests that revolved around ‘creativity’. My first official published book was done by myself, titled The ABRAXAS Series which I’m still working on. All I can say is, my muse made me write it, lol. I often wake up with ideas in my head, and I must write them down or my muse will keep yammering until I do!

Is there an author who inspired your work, someone who you would love to be as big as.

Stephen King was my first inspiration. I was reading his stuff in 8th grade, lol! I think every author would love to be as big as King, Rice, Kootnz, Rowling, or several others. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be as ‘big’ as any of them, though it’s fun to dream, lol.

Would you like to tell us about your latest work, what's it about, what's been the hardest thing about it and what you have liked and disliked about it, that kind of thing and well anything else you would like to tell us.

In “Diary of a Vampire Stripper” this particular story has quite a bit of dark humor, and is a misadventure of sorts for our young MC, Audra Perez, who’s having a rough time with things financially, and as a last resort, auditions as a stripper. She feels a bit awkward about stooping to such a level, but ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’.  To her surprise she is chosen, and reluctantly joins the nighttime lifestyle. It’s not until she is bitten by a patron of the club do things start getting crazier for her. She winds up being hired, and not too long afterward, a certain gentleman frequents the club whom she’s immediately smitten with. Once they get to know each other better and he invites her to his beach house for a weekend, it’s all downhill from there when she discovers he has turned her into a vampire. Now she’s stuck having to deal with this new situation, plus work her new lifestyle into the one she already has, with darkly comical results.

Audra and Lucinda are a vampire and a werewolf, respectively, and are the best of friends. Even the younger generations from both their families are cool with hanging out with each other---it’s the older generations that distrust the idea of befriending one another—after all, vamps and weres are allegedly sworn enemies. Generation gaps seem to cause quite a bit of strain when it comes to total unity, and it’s something both Audra and Lucinda hope to squash in the long run, amongst other things. Audra and Lucinda’s journey is a plethora of misadventures, danger, and socially awkward moments, but surrounded by love, trust, and a sisterly bond.

Well I find most people have days they can’t seem to get there brain to work and if you’re like me that would be most days lol, do you have days like these and if you do how do you pull yourself round so that you can carry on with your writing. I find I have to have a bucket full of coffee lol.

Coffee usually jump-starts my brain, lol. But if I get a good night’s sleep beforehand I can wake up not needing the caffeine *all* the time, lol! I enjoy having a glass of wine or two while I’m working on something too—it definitely helps my muse loosen her tongue!

Well we all must make some time for ourselves, what do you do when you put writing aside and want to relax.

I love taking walks and being out in nature, and I always carry a camera around. Photography is my second favorite thing, and I never leave home without it. And of course, my Etsy Shop, keeps me busy when I’m not writing. I just LOVE to recycle dolls and turn them into something ENTIRELY different  than what they originally started out as-- and enjoy raiding flea markets and thrift stores to turn those drab, lonely, things into something only a horror fanatic would love!

Have your books been as popular as you had hoped, has there been any more popular than others. Do wish one would become more popular than others.

Being an indie author and vying for attention in a sea of thousands of other books out there, it’s a bit tougher to get noticed unless you happen to ‘luck out’. I love hearing how much my books have made people laugh or kept them entertained along the way. In the meantime, I’ll still be plugging away at promoting my books while waiting for that one luck-out day, lol.

Whoop Whoop, Random question time. I all ways ask one random question, because i'm totally random and like to find out silly things about people, so your random question is this,  What is the sickest thing you have ever done, I mean some people pick their nose, others trump in public. What is your worst habit and do you think you could stop yourself doing it. LOL.

The sickest, or creepiest?? LOL! I have a tendency to unbury wild animals and use their bones for art projects…. I may have macabre interests, but at least I’m not alone in that department!

It’s been amazing having you here at SBC, and your welcome back anytime, Now Is there any last words  you would like to say to my followers, any words of wisdom and news we haven't got around to speaking about today.

Thank you again for having me here, Sue! My last words would be for all the aspiring authors out there. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! And stay away from trolls with a crab-like mentality that’d sooner have something negative to say to you than rather lift you up and help you with your goals. The literary world is nearly as full of sharks as Hollywood; choose your friends/associates, writing/critique groups carefully. I’d also like to extend an invitation to anyone who has been trying to publish a short story or poem with no luck to take a look at my award-winning magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected and see if it can find a home there. I also have a writers group on Facebook—just search ‘Gratista Vampire Clan’. I love to support newbie artists and writers with a darker flair to their talents J.


  1. Wow, superbly catchy title aside, "Diary of a Vampire Stripper" sounds like a great read. This was a great interview too . . . definitely caught my interest.

  2. thanks for stopping by, i agree its def being added to my list.xx