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Shadowplay (Texas Fae #2)Title: Shadow play
Author:Elisa paige
Date Published: December 16th 2010 

Description: The world’s first Fae trouble-shooter, Mia has survived the centuries--and her royal father’s assassins--by trusting no one and by pounding the bleeding hell out of her enemies. Then she meets Roddie, an Irish immortal with the skill to dodge even her most lethal attacks.

Intrigued by the spirit beneath Mia’s warrior exterior, Roddie resolves to recruit her for a new, cross-supernatural alliance--the Vampires' last, desperate bid to avoid extinction. Trained solely to fight, Mia is defenseless against the Irishman’s flashing blue eyes and killer dimples. And despite herself, she begins to consider a life that includes love.

Trouble is, softening her hair-trigger reflexes could get her killed.

But this time, Mia can't do her usual disappearing act. This time, she has to make a stand, and face her father's brutality and her own tortured past.

Because now it’s not just Mia who’s targeted for assassination. It’s Roddie.

Review:Mia has survived by trusting no one and fighting her enemies. Mia is a half breed. half light and half dark fae. she was brought up by a catwho is more then he seems to be.
Mia is thrown into a fight helping vampires but when the vamps want to know more about her she panics and ends up shifting places and gets her and one of the vamps stuck in a different place.  while they work out were they and how to get back her and the vamp grow close and work together but when her guard is down he decides he likes what he sees and  imprints with her.. Mia has to learn to trust him and deal with the imprint to  fight the evil that is coming after her and the evil of her past. that is none other then her father.

This story has lots of action and lots of moments to make your heart swoon. you feel like your on the journey with Mia as she comes to terms with the love she finds in Roddie and the trust he has in her.  I have to say I really enjoyed this story. the plot was amazing and kept you interested, I all so found that there were so many funny bits that I sat giggling to the book like a little school girl. I think most of you will enjoy this story and I think for you who are unsure should give it a try.


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