Friday, 3 February 2012


New Year NookieTitle: New Year Nookie
Author: Heather Lane
Date Published:January 12th 2012

Description: Sasha Morton leaves behind the holiday tradition at her sister's home, and embarks on her own several states over. After boarding a cruise for the Bahamas, Sasha meets up with a mysterious stranger, but there is something about him that seems familiar. Time to celebrate the New Year with a little fun, sex, and excitement.

Review: Its  new year and Sasha is sick of the old routine and not having anyone to kiss as the bells strike 12. She decides to make a change and book herself on a cruise. on the air plane Sasha meets a guy and the two get on really well and it turns out that the two are going on the same cruise.  but they didn't know this till the two were at a masked ball and flirting with each other and shocked to find out who they were flirting with, after a night of passion the to fall out and don't speak to each other for a couple of days but when they do make it up they get down and dirty on a beach and get arrested.

Over all view:  this is a short story of a girl sick of life and making an escape and finding love. I'm sure we have all been at the point of wanting to run away. It was nice reading about someone having the courage to do what everyone would love to do. You could all most feel the nerves coming off her as she is waiting for the plane. This was a fun little story that flowed really easy. I don't normally enjoy short story's but with this one I did. I think you should give this book a try.


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