Friday, 3 February 2012


Product DetailsTitle: Better After Midnight
Author: Stormy Night
Date Published:April 26th 2011

Description: Steaming Quickies by Stormy Knight.

Three steaming short stories--Steam, Sizzle and Scorch--to satisfy your quick fix for an erotic read. Perfect for your lunch hour or your afternoon break! Got your cell phone reader app?

Steam leaves you wanting in the sauna.
Sizzle takes you to the boardroom after hours.
And Scorch brings a woman back for a second helping of hot and satisfying.

Steam - This is a short story, a man and a woman come together in a sauna in the middle of the night.Things get hot and steamy and things happen and both get down and dirty.
When its over and he left, she felt bad because she didn't know his name and she spends all the next day trying to find out who he was. she kicked herself because she didn't know why she hadn't arranged to meet him again. She goes to the sauna again that night and there he is ready for round two.

Sizzle- Tate was working late at the office when she hears a noise that scared her. when she went to investigate she found a sexy co-worker, both get to flirting and one things leads to another and they get all worked up and have sex on the board room table.

Scortch- Ria a publicist who had been given an invitation by a man, to go to his home for a one night stand, Ria is torn not knowing what to do but decides to go because the guy is hot. She turns up at his home and things start to heat up between the two, at the end of a hot steamy sex scene he asks her to marry him.

Over all view:  this book is three short story's and I'm gonna add three very hot short story's. they were easy to read because the writing flows really well. when it comes to short story's a lot of people don't know how to review them and I'm gonna say I'm normally the same and O don't normally enjoy them all that much. but I did enjoy this one. It made you wish you were one of the females in the book. I'm glad I gave this book a try and I look forward to reading more of the authors work.


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