Thursday, 19 January 2012


Title: Goblin Girl
The Goblin and the GirlAuthor: Niel Irani
Date Published: 17th February 

Review: This book is  a children's book.Its about a girl who looks in a mirror and doesn't see her self. She See's a goblin. The girl wouldn't do anything normal children do because she was scared of what people would see. but one day something happened and the girl finally saw her self for what she was a bright and beautiful girl.

Well this is a book I read and reviewed with my son. I didn't think it would be his kind of book because he is only 7 and I thought it might be a bit girly for him But I'm pleased to say I was wrong. he asked me to read the book twice and then asked me  if I would read it again the next night. I think that speaks for its self after all its aimed at his age and it went don like a storm.


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