Monday, 16 January 2012


The Interview (The Interview, #1)Title : The Interview
Author: Candy Nicks
Date Published: 1st January 2007

Description: The Interview series is now a free read on my candy / alexandra Yahoo forum -

Part One - The Interview

Fay is a demon hunter, but that doesn't pay the bills. She needs a job and is shocked when she sees who's interviewing. Dane is the one vampire she's never been able to kill and after one hot, and very intense afternoon together, she finds out why.

Dane is desperate to show Fay there could be more between them than mind-blowing sex in the shadows. All he has are a couple of hours to persuade her that she will return, despite what she says.

Review:  This  book is in two parts.
Part one- Fay is a demon hunter but it doesn't pay the bills. but when she goes for an interview for a job she is shocked at what she finds.
Dane is a vampire who is desperate to show Fay what there could be between them.
Part Two- Dane gets Fay to show her wild side and by doing this both Dane and Fay find them selves falling for each other.

Fay goes for an interview because she doesn't get payed to be a demon hunter.But she gets a shock when she goes turns up at the interview she gets the biggest shock of her life. The man who is interviewing her is none other then Dane, a vampire Fay cant bring her self to kill.
It was a weird interview with fay ending up on Danes Lap with her boobs in his face.
This leads on to some hot and steamy sexy and once enemy's both learn to trust each other.
This is where part one ends and part two starts and we have Fay trying to come to terms with what has happened between the two of them and the feeling of loss she had from not seeing him.

Dane feels the same as Fay and goes crazy with need, He gives in and goes to see her to find her in a state.  Fay is having problems in life and struggling to deal with them and the feelings she has for Dane and Dane decides to help her through it.

This was one steamy read but it was an easy read and very well written. most erotic sex scenes are just about the sex but in this book you get a feeling for the emotion between the two of them. There was all so allot of friction as the two tried to keep there feelings distant from the situation but failing very badly. I want to thank Candy Nicks for asking me to review this book.I thought it was a really good read and I will say I think iv fallen head over heals for Dane. I will say if you dont like allot of sex scenes then this isn't the book for you, but if you do then read on. lol