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Is a  contest run by .ParaRomance Club. Its where we all get together and vote for our favourite book series and the sexy guys in the books.  Now for my part in this amazing contest I'm going to be fighting for the amazing Lords of the underworld  by Gena showalter And we are going up against the guys from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. So I'm here to tell you why the Lords are so amazing and why you should go vote for them.

So now I'm going to tell you a little about the lords and let you know why I think you should vote for them and there sexy butts. :)

Torin keeper of disease,he is 6'5' with  shoulder length white hair and  sexy green eyes.. he has a butterfly tattoo on his stomach and he all ways wheres long black gloves because he cant touch anyone because his touch can be deadly.Hasn't been lucky enough of finding his mate yet but I know of lots of women who would gladly take him. His chosen weapons are unknown/ a big kept secret within the lords.

Aeron keeper of Wraith, a massive 6'6' with cropped brown hair. he has sexy violet eyes that make you melt. as you can see he has a butterfly tattoo in the middle of his back. He is one of the lucky lords to of found his mate, his mate is Olivia and she is an angel set with the task to bring him joy. His chosen weapons would be anything he can get his hands on.

Lucien keeper of Death again a massive 6'6' but he has black shoulder length hair. He has mismatched eyes one brown (normal eye)  and one blue ( believed to allow him to see into the spiritual world). his butterfly tattoo is on his upper left shoulder, front of chest. He is one of the lucky lords who has found his mate. His mate is Anya Goddess of Anarchy. His weapon of choice is  knives and beware of poisoned tips.

Maddox keeper of violence  standing at a height of 6'4', he has yet black hair and his eyes are a violet but glow red when he is angry. All so when he is angry he gets a skeletal face  visible through his skin. His tattoo is on his left shoulder, wrapping around to his back. Maddox like nothing better then to fight with his hands. As with some of the other lords Maddox has been lucky to find his mate and she is called Ashlyn and she has some special powers herself.

Reyes is the keeper of pain, standing at a height of 6'5' with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His butterfly tattoo is on his chest and neck. Reyes is the lord with deeply tanned skin but is often ruined by scabs and spots from him frequently hurting himself, but as we all know its the only way he can get any kind of pleasure. he has been known to go as far as jumping off buildings to keep his demon under control. Reyes preferred weapon would be his daggers and guns. Again Reyes has been lucky to find his mate and she is called Danika and she helps keep his demon at bay.

Paris keeper of promiscuity, mm the demon of sex. He stands at a very high 6'8' making him one of the tallest lords. his hair is varying shades of brown and black but he has the bluest eyes that heat you up.His butterfly tattoo is on his lower back and he is known as the  most physically appealing of all the lords. If Paris doesn't get sex every day then he weakens.  he once had a mate but he ended up loosing  her.  His favourite weapon would be a sword.

Sabin keeper of doubt 6'7'. he has brown hair with golden brown eyes. His tattoo is on his right ribcage and waist. He wears a neclace that belong to his dead friend. He likes to use most weapons but he all so likes to use his harpy bride. He  useshis demon to whisper in to the minds of any one in reach. He has managed to find his mate. Gwen is a harpy and is as fierce as Sabin. 

Gideon keeper of lies, at the height of 6'3' he is one of the shortest lords.his hair is dyed blue and his eyes are blue but kohl- rimmed. His tattoo is on his right thigh and he has multiple piercings and his appearane is general goth look. again he is one of the lords that doesnt mind what weapon he uses. he is unable to tell the truth without experiencing pain.he is one of the lords who has a mate her name is Scarlet and she all so is a lord and she carries the demon of Nightmares.

Amun the keeper of secrets, height 6'6' brown hair and brown eyes, his tattoo is on his right calf .and his skin is dark. he preferrers weapons with an exotic nature. poor Amun choses not to speak because when he does  people secrets come out and he cant control them. He has a mate called Haidee, she was once a hunter.

Strider keeper of defeat  he is 6'5' and has blonde hair and blue eyes . his butterfly tattoo is on his left hip and he has a birth mark on his buttocks, no one knows how he has it because he was created not born. again like some of the other lords Strider will use most thing as a weapon. he is unable to loose at anything  or his demon gives him so much pain he is in bed for days. He is all so known as the witty lord. Strider has found his mate  in a harpy called Kaia

Kane keeper of disaster 6'4' his hair is a mixture of brown black and gold and is eyes are hazel. His butterfly tattoo is on his right hip. he has nothing else to distinguish him from the others. His favourite weapons are rifles and other long range weaponary. Kane cant move without a mini disaster to happen. Kane has not yet found his mate but again I know lots of women  who would like to take him on.

William not a lord but as good as, he doesnt have the butterfly tattoo but he has just as much strength and passion as the rest of the guys in this series. he has long dark hair and he is as tall as them all. and it is to be belived that he is the devils brother and he made the four horse men of the appocalyps. 

  Lord of the underworld quotes.

So why dont you pop on over and VOTE for the lords of the underworld.xxxxx


  1. After reading your post you made me forget all about the BDB brothers. LOL!!


    Okay,I'm gonna go vote before I change my mind...ahahahaha!

    Great Post =D

  2. Great post! Although I haven't read this series yet.... *hangs head* But I have a couple of books to read and I'm all over it! :-P yum!

  3. make sure you do read them, coz you will love them. x

  4. OMG Rhonda! You haven't read this series yet? What are you waiting for?

    Sue, great post!

    Elena, hands off my Stridey Monster!

  5. I have almost worked my way to Strider's book in my TBR. (I'm trying sooo hard not to cheat in 2012) I love the LOTU and that is EXACTLY how I picture William in my head.

  6. im glad we are all on the same page and i hope you ladies voted x