Monday, 17 October 2011



Well guys and gals, I'm entering a contest over at  Scandal in the choir loft.  I have to write a story  that is sex and desire but it has to be centred around  Halloween.If I win im in for a chance at winning some big prizes, so if you like my story would you please go over to scandal in the choir loft and vote for me.The contest will be running from the 18th to the 25th october. Now im going to say if you are under 18  or dont like stories with a lot of sex in them, then please do not read my story as it has some very grafic sex seane's . If you do like them then please go ahead and enjoy.

I couldn’t believe my luck getting invited to this Halloween party, only the best of the best were invited. It was an amazing night dancing drinking and lots of hot babes.  But there was one I couldn’t take my eyes off, she wasn’t very tall but she had the most amazing curves I’ve ever seen. Long dark hair falling down her back, she was wearing a sexy little Vampire outfit, with fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes. She looked at me and smiled with those tasty looking red lips, Lips so red they looked like blood. We looked at each other most of the night but I never thought I stood a chance with a girl like that. She was way out of my league. But then she started walking towards me, a wicked grin on her face. My heart was pounding, sweat started coming on my head. When she reached me she leaned in. she didn’t speak but handed me a card with an address on it and walked away. 

She was standing there in her ruby red Basque and thong to match; she was waiting for him to show. Tapping her red heels as she stood in the middle of the room tapping her black tickle whip on the side of her leg. He was late and that just wasn’t on. When she gave him a time to be there, be there he should. After all, she was a vampire and a very mean one at that.  He would have to be punished. Smiling to herself, she thought of all the things she could do to him.....

he was late, how could he be late he told himself. She had promised him a good time and he couldn’t get his arse to her house on time. How stupid was he. He pulled the car over and parked on the road side and got out. As he made his way to the front door he found it open, it was just a crack, he pushes the door open and walks in and is surprised at what he saw. She was standing there, in the sexiest outfit   he had ever laid eyes on and he couldn’t believe his luck that she had picked him and that made him smile......

‘Your late” she said. ‘When I tell you to be here at a time, you be here’. She lifted her foot and rested it on the coffee table so he could see what was on offer. ‘Now what to do with you’. She started tapping the whip again making his eyes travel down her long slender body.’mmmm, I know. Strip’. He looked at her in shock not thinking about what she had said. ‘Strip I said’. He took his clothes off, giving her what she had asked.

While he was stripping she pulled out a chair
‘Come here’ she said. When he walked towards her she dragged him to it. She pushed him down so that he was sitting. She then took his hands and handcuffed them behind the chair so he couldn’t move. She slowly walked around him. Lightly whipping him as she went. She looked at him with a hunger she couldn’t explain. His shaft was already hard and standing tall. She grinned at him and licked her lips. His eyes followed the movement, making him moan out. She trailed one of her fingers down his body making him shiver. She reached his long hard shaft, smiling that wicked smile at him. She trailed her finger around the head of his shaft, gently stroking. She trailed her fingers in the precome that was resting there and brought it to her mouth
she licked her finger and moaned at the salty taste of him. She then walked round him once again. Hitting him with her whip as she went along. He closed his eyes, never feeling this good before, but thinking he couldn’t take much more. She stopped behind him, and started trailing her tongue around his ear, nipping at the sensitive soft spot. She then walked round the front and stood in front of him, she gave him a heated kiss .a kiss like he had never felt before...making his shaft throb to the point of pain. Her kiss then trailed down his body making him pull against the cuffs.’ i didn’t tell you to move’ she said. ‘Stay still till i tell you otherwise’. She carried on kissing and licking till she reached his nipple. She pulled it in to her mouth sucking and rolling her tongue around it. He felt like he was ready to explode. ‘Don’t you dare come yet, you don’t come till i tell you.’ she purred.she went on with her kisses down and down she went till she reached his hard shaft. Looking up at him she smiled,’ I’m going to take you into my mouth and i don’t want you to move, move once and it all stops’. She then placed her lips at his hard shaft, trailing her tongue around the head, teasing him, he tried to stay still but he was finding it hard, he gripped the cuffs to give himself some support.....
All the while she was working at his shaft. She took him all the way in to her mouth sucking him, god he was hot with need...
But it stopped all too soon, she pulled back...he moaned at the loss of her plump lips. She step back to look at him.’ enjoying yourself’ she asked. All he could do was nod his head; he didn’t trust himself to speak. She smiled and walked away, but when she came back she was carrying something, he couldn’t make out what it was, she walked behind him and whispered in his ear*hold still’. She blindfolded him so he could she what she would do next..

Walking round him trailing her long nails on his skin as she went. He wouldn’t last much longer if things kept going this way. He heard a little pop like a bottle opening, then feeling something cool and slick spread over his shaft. But she wasn’t finished with him. He heard a buzzing sound but couldn’t place the sound. What was she doing? He then felt vibrating on his shaft as she placed a cock ring on him. ‘Do not come, wait till i tell you’ she purred. He was sat there with the feel of the vibrating on his shaft. Gritting his teeth trying not come, he was so ready it was painful. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought he had heard fabric being removed but lost that train of thought as the vibrating was a small relief coz he didn’t think he could take much more but she wasn’t giving in yet. He felt her climb on to his lap and he had been right he had heard fabric being removed coz she was totally naked. He could feel soft skin against his body, man he loved this woman. She pulled on his head and brought his lips to her breasts, giving him access to her. He placed her soft nipple in his mouth and started sucking and licking ‘good boy’ she whispered in his ear ‘just like that’. She reached down and took his shaft in her hand. It was still slick from the lube she had placed on him. She stroked him really soft then placed him at her entrance. She then pushed down so that he entered her full. He stopped sucking her breast and brought his lips to her giving her a kiss so forceful she would know what she was doing to him. She rode him soft and gentle at at first but she soon got faster pushing forward so hard it made him shiver. She didn’t give up, just kept going. ‘When you come I want you to scream’ she said. ‘I want to hear you yell’.she kept riding him kept pushing him towards a climax so much stronger than he had ever felt before. He could feel it coming building and building, pushing him towards the edge, ‘come for me’ she demanded, and then she bit down on his neck, sucking and drinking as he came apart beneath her. Then finally as she gave him the order he cried out as his body went stiff and ridged as he finally found his release. Shaking as his seed spilled into her and filled her. She looked up at him, with his blood running down her mouth to her chin and smiled a wicked smile ‘now there’s my good boy’ she praised him,
Sitting here with this woman in his lap, trying to catch his breath he thought how lucky he was to have her. He knew what she was but he couldn’t bring himself to care. No one had ever gone to this much trouble to pleasure and please him. And god how she had done both. She released his hands from the cuffs.’ I love you’ he whispered in her ear as he pulled her close. They sat there for ages not having the energy to move. He then took hold of her hand and pulled her to the bedroom where they would settle down to sleep. He held her close not wanting to let go. He wispered in her ear 'Happy Halloween' .She smiled up at him and  they spent the rest of the night sleeping  in bliss.....      

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