Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Title: Rock Hard
Author: Olivia  Cunning
Series: Sinners on tour
Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2)Date Published: April 1st 2011

An ultimatum can break your heart.... Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica...

If you’re not willing to break all the rules...

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed...

Then a chance meeting and tortuously close quarters lead to uncontrollable flares of passion and rediscovery of their unique penchant for public encounters. Now, in addition to the risk of mutual heartbreak every time they get together, they’re in danger of truly scandalous public exposure...

Review:   This boo starts off with Sedric Lionheart who is lead singer of the band, and his girlfriend Jessica. Jessica has been accepted into law school and is looking forward to going but when she Tell's Sed her good news he tries to put his foot down and ban her from going. This leads to the pair not knowing what to do with the future's and going there separate ways.
We then move on a little bit into the future and we find that Jessica is finding it hard to pay for law school and ends up working at a strip club. Here is where Sed walks back in to her life, when he sees her dancing on stage and he takes it upon him slef to drag her off stage so noone can look at her. this turns in to a big fight as the bouncers step in and band member Trey getting hit over the head with a metal bat and ending up needing brain operation.  Sed finds this hard to cope with as he blames him self for what has happened, but finding himself getting closer to Jessica  as they both wait to find out whats going to happen with tthere friend. Once Sed learned he didnt have to look after Jessica and then she could stand on her own two feet and Jessica realised there was nothing wrong with a little bit of help they both found a way to be together.

 This book was filled with so much sexual tension it was crazy, These two just wanted two jump each other in the most public of places. I loved book one in this series but omg I loved book two even more. I all ways loved Sed in the first book  because you could see how much his heart had been broken, i didnt think it would be possible for me two love him any more but I did, I was drawn to him, I wanted to be the one to mend his broken heart. I think Olivia is an amazing writer, she is so good at making us fall in love with her boys. as the books go on and we find out a little more about each one of them, I lick my lips and wish they were real men. I so cant wait for the next book to come out. I will  say that this book is not for the faint hearted because there is lots of orgasmic sex, so hot your fingers feel like there getting burned from touching the page.  Somtimes I wonder where Olivia gets the ideas from lol.But if this is the kind of thing you like then this book is a must read. A really big must read.



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  1. Oh my, I want this series now! Thanks for the review :D