Thursday, 19 May 2011


Stylish Blogger Award

Well when I  got up this morning I was happy to find I had been given the stylish blogger award  by Jodie from  Riverina  Romatics  and  Sarah over at  I'm loving Books.  Thank you girls.
From what I see  I'm ment to tell you seven facts about my self.  Hmmmmmm what to tell you...

1,  I'm a full time mum, to two lovely but lively children

2, I have  3 Lizards  who love to watch tv. lol

3,   I have a shopping problem, I cant go in to a book shop without buying at least   3 new books.

4,I'm one of them people that doesn't need to read a book in order, i cant start any where and still no whats going on.

5,I hate  that my days normally start at 6am.

6, Ok a random one I hate ironing  lol..

7, I love my kinkbags loads   lol...

So there we have it, my seven facts, now id like to pass on this great award to my own seven people.   My girl kiki, over at Madame D's  Boudoir     Sarah  over at  Im Loving Books  Jodie  over at Riverina Romantics   The girls  over at Shameless Romance Reviews   The girls over  at Paranormal Wasteland  The girls over at  Under the Covers     Mel  over at  Mels Book Club..

Ok ladies you all deserve this award so enjoy....*kiss*


  1. Oh I am humbled by the honor, sue. Kisses back at you babe.

  2. i love your blog mel...and ya a great ladie.

  3. Thanks Sue!! We're all just going to keep passing it around our little group. lol :)

    I actually would LOVE if my days could start at 6am easier. I'm a wannabe early-riser. I try so hard to get my day started earlier, but usually I fail miserably. lol

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  4. my day only starts at 6 coz of my 6yo lol

  5. Thanks Sue! *squeals and hugs*

    p.s. I love my kink bags too LMAO!


  6. very welome babes...

    and my kinkbags are the best...

    *hugs back*

  7. no problem Jodie...*kiss*

  8. We love you too! BTW ironing sucks!!!

  9. thanks megan.......*kiss*