Thursday, 19 May 2011


Olivia Story, who in the summer of 2006,contracted meningitis which turned into meningococcal septicemia. She was rushed into hospital, the nurses and doctors didn't think that she would survive - her heart stopped, her kidneys failed and she had a machine breathing for her. They thought she would have brain damage. Her legs and her hands turned black. Olivia battled this terrible illness and it cost her, her legs and an arm, the staff managed to save one of her hands.

This beautiful little girl is asking for your help. Her parents are trying  to raise at least £25,000 to give Olivia a better quality of life.

If you feel  you can help Olivia then get in touch with her parents on facebook,!/group.php?gid=27714389118
leave a message  on the wall   and someone will get back to you.

You can read about Olivia's story in the initial news&star article
You can see in more detail in the Border news interview
You can donate/raise money/hold an event/contact Olivia's Parents here
Please check back often or sign up for news as this website is regularly updated.

**Supported by The Meningitis Help Charitable Trust registered charity number 1090505 **

So please if you  feel you can help this beautiful little girl have a better chance in life then get in touch.  If you have a blog and you feel you can help by posting  somthing to making other people know about her, please do all you can, he parents will be so greatful for any help you can give.

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