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Scorching Hot Historical Romance ~ Approximately 163 Pages 

Miss Miranda Jones is indisputably the most beautiful, elegant and sought after courtesan in all of London. She hides a past full of pain and rejection beneath an exterior of pride. She knows that noblemen put their own fickle interests first and cannot be trusted. Scorned by ducal father, she never needed or expected anything from a man, except his financial support. Luxurious living makes a soothing balm against the sting of the ultimate rejection. 

Now she's madly in love with a nobleman who cannot afford to keep her in such extravagant style. And she wonders if a courtesan can ever afford to indulge her own passions? Can she really gamble so capriciously on her own future and put the happiness of the moment above future security? Will her gentleman prove himself no better than any other nobleman that she has known? 

Adrian Sutherland, the Earl of Danvers, has seen the men of his family destroyed through their obsessive need to possess beautiful women. He'd always thought himself immune to such unworthy drives. Now he's fallen under the spell of Miss Miranda Jones. 

Miss Jones' high standards and past reputation foretells that she'll be a most demanding mistress. Despite his relative lack of funds, Adrian is determined to work hard to protect and provide for her. Passion led this skeptical gentleman to declare himself in love. Yet as they enter a protector and mistress relationship, Adrian finds himself consumed with possessiveness. And he can't help but wonder if is it true love that motivates him? Or is it the need to own her stunning beauty? He must find the answer before their tempestuous romance breaks both of their hearts. 

A Most Demanding Mistress is part of the Fashionably Impure Series and is best read after Miranda's Dilemma. 

Reader advisory: This story contains frank sexual language and general bedchamber naughtiness. Abuse issues are alluded to in the backstory. 


This book is the second in the series , and wrote from two points of view, We meet Miranda   a courtesan , she . she is the  courtesan that every body is after. she is beautiful and elegant and she uses this to her advantage . She  has had a very rough life of pain and rejection  which she hides well.  Miranda doesnt trust anyone and but she uses the men around her so she can live a luxurious life she is used to living.

Miranda  finds she is madly in love with a man but worries, he wont be give her the life she is used to.  She struggles with her inner demons trying to decide if it is all  worth the risk to give up on the life she has known. is this nobleman going to be worth the risk.

Adrian is the earl of Danvers , hes watched the men in his family struggle with the need to possess beautiful women.  Adrian was adamant he wasnt going to be the same but he hadnt counted on meeting Miranda Jones .

Adrian knows from the stories he has heard about Miranda that she will be very demanding.Adrian knows its going to be hard work but he is going to  do all thats in his power to provide for the woman he is falling in love with.As they start up there relationship Adrian stuggles with the nee to possess Miranda and keep him for him self. Adrian has to work through what his feeling for Miranda means before it destroys the both of them

Yet another amazing read from Natasha, beautifully written  as all of her books tend to be.  it gives you a look from both Adrian's and  Miranda's point of view and easily drags you into there story. you cant be timid to read Natasha's books as they are very erotic and they will have your tummy doing back flips in response.   I really REALLY recommend  everyone reads this story. you will not be sorry and it be a very pleasant experience.  


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