Tuesday, 21 June 2016


26864719He wanted a baby. I needed a man.


The first time I saw Jackson, I hated his guts. He was everything I could never have. Pure, panty-wetting, manhood. And I was trapped in a loveless relationship with his worst enemy. I never would have dreamed he craved my womb so badly he was willing to do anything for it.


My father's death taught me a lot of things. Most importantly, I needed a child. I had to have a son before my enemies caught up with me. So when Faith came begging for protection, I knew exactly what I wanted. I yearned for her body. Lust raged through me like a wildfire. I longed to make her pregnant with my child. I gave her an offer she couldn't refuse. A life for a life.My protection, in exchange for everything she had to offer. I'd die for her, but she would give me a son.
I took her womb. I never suspected she'd take my heart.


In this book we meet Faith  a young lady trapped in a world she doesn't want to be in. forced to be with a man she mistreated and and didn't love.  one day she decides enough is enough and runs away. but she knows she doesn't  stand a chance to get away on her own so she goes into a bar to enlist  someone help. here she meets Jackson.  one of the only guys able to stand up to the man she is running away from. But what will he ask for in return for his help and will it be the biggest mistake of her life of the best thing she ever did. 

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the amazing cover and when I read the blurb I thought it sounded OK but I'm afraid that's where the good ends. This book  had potential  to be a really good book but the author seemed to rush things.   the idea of the story was a good one but there were so many things that got in the way. firstly the instant love thing. who falls in love with a man or woman within the 24 hours of knowing them. Nope doesn't happy. instant lust  YES instant love NO. and who agrees to help a woman without cheeking out all the facts first.  I think if the author had taken the time and slowed things down a little this book would of been amazing. but sadly it let me know.  overall good story line and good characters but no time taken for us to get to know them.Now I don't  like giving bad reviews or low stars but I am really struggling to come  up with any more positives.  If you liked this book, I would really love to hear your view and have you try and change my mind.

Ill give this book 2 lips just because the overall story line was a good idea. but I cant stretch to anything more.


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