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Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way--no matter what anyone else has to say about it. A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well, headstrong, beautiful Carys is one of the most powerful of her kind. She lives passionately and loves without limits, especially when it comes to the lethal cage-fighting Breed warrior called Rune.

Unbeatable in the ring, Rune exists in a brutal world of blood and bone and death. He's made his share of enemies both in and out of the arena, and his secrets run as deep and turbulent as his past. A dangerous loner who has survived by his fists and fangs, Rune has never allowed anyone to get too close to him...until Carys. But when the bodies buried in his past rise up to threaten his present, Rune must choose between betraying Carys's trust or putting her in the crosshairs of a battle neither of them can hope to win on their own.

In this book we meet Rune, a breed male  come from a past that is dark and twisted . being brought up by a man who is just as ark and twisted and Rune is trying his hardest  to leave his past behind him . He  builds up walls an locs all his secrets behind them in hope to leave those dark and dangerous things where they belong. But he doesnt count on meeting Carys Chase.  A day walker with a body that drives him crazy from the first time he sees her.

Carys Chase  a breed Female who is strong willed and she sees Rune and decides he is someone she would like to get to know better. the pair have an amazing chemistry but Rune is holding something bac and Carys is determind to find out what it is. But little does she know it coul get her killed. 

Rune and Carys are both thrust back into the dark world of Runes past and they have to  fight there way free with the help of Carys Father and the rest of the breed warriors. 

what can I say I loved this book for more then one reason.  firstly  the relationship between Carys an Rune is toe curlingly hot.  The chemistry between the two  is amazing. When I read Runes life story I so desperately  wanted him to have a happy ended he had been through so much in his life and I thin he was in need of a change.  Carys a day walker , a sassy lady. she was so not what I was expecting when I first read about her. I thought she was going to be spoilt and pampered but she ended up being  strong and fierce  and she will do anything to protect her man.   

another BIG reason I loved this book was because we got to see all the original breed warriors back fighting together.  This was amazing and a pleasure to see them all fighting again. they havnt lost there spark or the hunk -aapeal.

This book/series  is really well written, I know I say this on every midnight breed review but its absolutely true.  every book  sucks me in and I never want to leave.  Im really lookin forwarded to see which breed warrior  is next in line for his own book. I know  I will be first in line to get my hands on a copy.   


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