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Kristi Belcamino - Blessed Are Those Who Mourn - Virtual Book Tour/giveaway

Mystery / Detective
Date Published: September 29, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers

San Francisco Bay Area reporter Gabriella Giovanni has finally got it all together: a devoted and loving boyfriend, Detective Sean Donovan; a beautiful little girl with him; and her dream job as the cops' reporter for the Bay Herald. But her success has been hard-won and has left her with debilitating paranoia. When a string of young co-eds starts to show up dead with suspicious Biblical verses left on their bodies—the same verses that the man she suspects kidnapped and murdered her sister twenty years ago had sent to her—she begins to question if the killer is trying to send her a message.
It is not until evil strikes Gabriella's own family that her worst fears are confirmed. As the clock begins to tick, every passing hour means the difference between life and death to those Gabriella loves...

Kristi Belcamino is a writer, photographer, and artist. In her former life as a newspaper crime reporter in California, she flew over Big Sur in an FA-18 jet with the Blue Angels, raced a Dodge Viper at Laguna Seca, watched autopsies, and interviewed serial killers. She is now a journalist based in Minneapolis and the Gabriella Giovanni mysteries are her first books. Find Kristi on Facebook or on Twitter @KristiBelcamino

Authors that have inspired you
By Kristi Belcamino

Lisa Unger.

Lisa Unger is probably my biggest inspiration. I’ve read everything she’s ever written, including a series she wrote under her maiden name when she first started out. I love how her books combine mystery and literary fiction. I also love how she never lets up on the suspense and most often has a really wicked twist in all her books. She is never predictable.

Joan Didion

As a career journalist, few writers could possibly inspire me more than Joan Didion. Wow. The one time I got to meet her I was star struck. Didion is a legend. And as a California native, she has captured my home state in a way I will always cherish.

Chelsea Cain

This year, after a bunch of burly guys who write noir were talking about her in awe, I finally picked up a book by Chelsea Cain. She rocked my world. She has flawed but strong, fascinating characters. She is graphic but not too much. She writes about a sick and twisted serial killer who is a woman. Intrigued?

Jackie Collins

I have always loved Jackie Collin’s books and always will. I was fortunate enough to interview her on Huff Post live this summer and was thrilled and awed to speak to her, not knowing it was one of the last interviews she’d give. I will always love her Lucky Santangelo series. I put in a guy with the last name Santangelo in homage to her before she died.


As a trained journalist, Ernest Hemingway is an inspiration for how he writes in such a crisp and concise manner and yet is able to convey emotion. I will always look to him as one of the masters and have read most of his books.

Anais Nin

This writer is probably the opposite of Hemingway. She writes in poetic, lyrical ways about her life and art and love. If I could become a mix of Nin and Hemingway’s writing styles, I’d probably have achieved my goal in my writing life.

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