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The Arie Chronicles Boxed Set: Reality Book One and Dreams Book Two by Dani Hart‏

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy 

Product Description

Young Adult Fantasy

In The Arie Chronicles Arie Belle takes you beyond Twilight fandom into an imaginative world of fairies, shifters, and darkness only jealousy can breed. This boxed set includes the first 2 books in The Arie Chronicles.

Praise for REALITY…

“This book was simply amazing. It brings to life the books of childhood fae in so many ways.” Random Musesomy

“Dani Hart has created an amazing world that consists of various realities where heartbreaking decisions define the soul and the lives of everyone. Where love is clouded by heartache and immense sadness.Where hope can so easily fade away and emptiness can take its place.” Mia’s Point of View

“This was an enchanting book full of magic and mystery. As the story slowly unfolded I became more engrossed in the book and couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. From the vibrant characters to the wonderful story line, I was quickly pulled into Arie's world.” There’s This Book

To be extraordinary was a fate Arie Belle had never imagined. Her days had been filled with naïve pleasures and promising love, but all that changed one tragic day when her mother was killed under mysterious circumstances, plunging Arie’s life into dark and hopeless times where her lifelong friend, River, was her only beacon of light.

After years of numbness, a beautiful stranger, Ashe, entered her world and took her soul to places it had never been, across realities trapped within the worlds of fairy tales. Could he be her savior, or would she find the strength within to be her own?

Along her journey, she quickly unraveled the secret behind her uncanny connection with nature and her mother's killer. But one mystery remained—one of scripted destiny and the pull of the dark forces of life. Could she find the answers she needed before the next full moon? Or would death claim her as it had been painted in the fate of the stars?

Praise for DREAMS…

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES!! And I loved this second installment even more than the first.” JC – All is Read

“Dani Hart has a way of weaving this mystical world with words that pull you in to the point that you don't want to leave.” Becca the Bibliophile

“This magical coming of age story will touch your heart.” Tantalizing Reviews

“Grab the best seat in the house, grab a snack, and shut off your phone! Being my first read by Dani Hart, all I have to say is WOW.” Battery Operated Book Blog

Being forced into a fantastical world was never in Arie’s life plan, yet she quickly fell in love with the world of enchantment. Her determination was to create a life for her newfound little sister, Amary, that was full of hope, tranquility, and love. While losing her best friends during the transition into her new life wasn’t easy, Arie now understood it to be a necessary sacrifice to ensure the safety of Amary and the natural balance of light and dark.

In this journey riddled with power, discovery, and mystery, there was also the threat of destruction. Was Arie’s love enough to protect those she cared for? Or would the price to save the balance of the two worlds she loved come at too high a price?

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