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S. Briones Lim - Two Outta Three - Virtual Book Tour

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Date Published: June 2, 2015

Jesse Tyler is the perfect mix of sweet prince and bad boy… 

He is also my best friend—and I’m hopelessly in love with him. 

Unfortunately he didn’t feel the same way about me, and to make matters worse, he moved away in the middle of our senior year, completely cutting me off. 

Now after a few years (and did I mention a new guy?) I am hit with the biggest bombshell of all—Jesse is moving back to town! 

I know I should be happy, but I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about our reunion, especially since I never once stopped loving him. 

Will things be weird between us? 

Will we struggle to reconnect? 

But even more importantly… 

Will he finally feel the same way about me?

Thanks to her Mom’s unwavering devotion to read a bedtime story to her every single night throughout her childhood years, S. BRIONES LIM’s love for books began before she could even speak.
Raised in Southern California, Author S. Briones Lim initially dreamt of becoming an artist and/ or Book Author. A Psychology Degree (Summa cum Laude), a stint in Art School, and a career in Advertising/Media later, she is finally delving back into her first love – books. As a self- renowned bookworm, S. Briones Lim’s love for books has inspired her to pen her own novels and hopes her readers will fall in love with her stories as much as she enjoyed writing them.
Author of the Amazon Bestselling novel, Caught Inside, S. Briones Lim’s other obsessions include time with family, POPCORN, watching movies and her dogs, Tobi and Roscoe. She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and continues to write every day.

Have you ever had that one favorite song that transports you back to a time that felt so long ago but at the same time felt just like yesterday? For TWO OUTTA THREE’s characters, Rocky and Jesse, one song definitely resonates with them.
In keeping with this theme, I thought I’d draw up a soundtrack to the book encompassing the pangs of unrequited love and the exhilaration of friends-turned-lovers and new love.

If you can add a song to Two Outta Three’s soundtrack, what would it be and why?

Character Interview

Friendship Counselor: First, let me thank you for coming to this session. I know it’s not usually easy to ask for help.
Rocky: Well, I figured our friendship—if we can even call it that—needs a breath of fresh air.
Jesse: Fresh air? Seriously? Anything’s better than being poked and prodded about my life.
Rocky: *drops jaw* Jesse, don’t how old are you? Don’t be rude.
Jesse: Sorry, I’m just not comfortable with these sorts of things.
Friendship Counselor: Don’t worry about it. Well, let’s start off with something easy. Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little about you.
Rocky and Jesse glance at each other.
Rocky: I’ll go first. Um, my name is Raquel Rossi—
Jesse: You mean, Rocky
Rocky: Don’t interrupt. *Shakes head* But yes, I also go by Rocky—loved ones call me Rocky—I’m twenty-three years old and work at my family’s store.
Counselor glances at Jesse.
Jesse: Oh! My turn already? Well, let’s see. I’m Jesse—also twenty-three—I came back to take care of my sick mom and now I also work at her family’s store.
Friendship Counselor: So you both spend a lot of time together.
Both nod.
Friendship Counselor: Do you see this as helping your relationship? Or is the time together hurting it?
Rocky: *laughs* There’s nothing to hurt! He stopped talking to me about four years ago and honestly, I don’t know why.
Jesse: Sometimes you just grow up, Rocky. You see things for what they really are instead of the sugar coated fantasy—
Rocky: Sugar coated? What the hell are you talking about?
Jesse: What did you say about interrupting?
Friendship Counselor: Well, it looks like we’re getting somewhere. Um, Jesse can you explain what ‘reality’ is to you
Jesse: I’m not comfortable enough to say
Rocky: Really? You’re going to pull that card
Jesse: What do you want from me Rocky?
Rocky: I…
Friendship Counselor: Is it possible there’s something else going on here? Any romantic feelings between you two?


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