Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Well its been a while since I last did a teaser so im going to give you a couple. 

My first is from a book I have just read.

The next is from a book iv just started. 

Crave the Night

"Your boy started talking shit," Syn went on. "Started telling Rune the Order had its eye on him. That he'd better watch his step or he was gonna get ashed."

Holy hell. Nathan acknowledged that this confrontation probably shouldn't surprise him, but Aric's personal dislike of the brutal cage fighter had nothing to do with Order business.
Not yet, anyway. If Aric and Carys's father, Sterling Chase, ever found out his daughter had taken up with an unapologetic underworld player like Rune, Nathan had no doubt the Order as a whole would definitely have something to say about it.

These were my teaser this week, I look forward to seeing yours.

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