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Genres: Suspense, Psychological Thriller

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Jolene’s two week break in the sun turns into a nightmare when she meets Raquel, another holiday maker.

How could Jo have known this encounter would bring her past back to haunt her?

What does this woman want from her and is there really anyone she can trust?

After being made redundant from a seemingly secure job Jolene Carr

takes a two week break in the sun. On the first day she meets Raquel,

another hotel guest. Little does she realise how this apparently

innocent acquaintance will lead to terrible and lasting consequences.

After a frightening incident she hits a conspiracy of silence from the

locals and over the rest of the holiday she feels herself slipping into a

vortex of fear. Back home, the nightmare continues and she realises

that Raquel is stalking her. Her hippie mother and her partner Mark tell

her she is imagining it all. All certainties, even about relationships,

become fluid and treacherous as her past begins to unravel. If it

wasn’t for Rob, her ex-lover who Jolene thinks has his own agenda, she

would be left to cope on her own.

How much fear and betrayal can one person take?




was so hot sitting in the glare of the sun. The combination of Campari

and the journey yesterday were making her sleepy. She closed her eyes,

drifted to the chatter of nearby Germans and faded into a reverie, back

to another time when she was beach-combing. It was on a beach in Tangier

and her mother had been lying a little way away with a muscular man

wearing blue shorts. Her mother was topless, the local men stared

without embarrassment. They hadn’t been interested in Jo’s collection of



shadow fell across the table and the blocking of sunlight woke her –

she was back on this beach with the sound of speedboats roaring across

the water. The waiter was collecting the empty glasses; he secured the

bill under the ashtray. Jo smiled up at him then resumed looking out to

sea. The speedboats were silent for a minute, powered further up the

coast. She could hear the distant roll of waves and closer, the surf

hitting the sand; closer still, the sound of glasses being washed. She

stretched. All she wanted was to go back to her room at the spa hotel.

She stared into the middle distance, feeling sleepy again. It had been a

long time, too long now since Zara had gone. She glanced along the

beach. The waiter moved towards the table, clearly anxious that they

should pay and move on.

I’m waiting for the woman who was there.’ She pointed to the empty chair opposite.


removed her sandal and with the toe of her better leg, drew circles in

the sand and thought about Mark, imagining him at work, checking

patients, rushing round his ward. Was she too trusting? Some of the

were very attractive. She glanced at her watch. The waiter had returned.

She said she was going to the toilet, but it’s –’

You want toilet?’ He nodded to the back of the café, picked up the bill, handed it to her.

You’ve got one here?

But I thought –’ She grabbed her bag and rushed to where he pointed.

Her stomach was knotting and she felt sick. Outside the toilet there was

a sink with a bent tap, a cracked mirror. She knocked on the door

marked WC, went in.


she said while she stood in the concrete room with the cracked toilet

bowl and the sound of jet skis buzzing through her brain. She reached

into her bag and pulled out her towel. There was nothing else. No purse.

No passport. Her book dropped to the floor:
A Memory of Loss splayed in the dirt. She searched in her bag again, turning it inside out, shaking it violently. Nothing. Someone began banging on the door.

Hang on.’


on her heels, with her fingers she searched each corner of the dank

sour smelling room. How could she have let this happen? Her fingers

touched cardboard. She picked it up. A discarded menu. Other than sand

and dirt there was nothing else on the floor. She picked up her book

from the toilet roll where she’d balanced it, and stuffed it back into

her bag, opened the door. Back outside she blinked in the sudden light

and wove her way through the tables, aware of everyone following her

movements with detached curiosity until she reached the table where

she’d sat with Zara. Four pairs of seemingly foreign eyes turned to her



me,’ she said. ‘Sorry to bother you, but was anything on the table –

you know, when you sat down?’ She was feeling giddy and was finding it

hard to catch her breath. ‘I mean, like a passport?’


of them interpreted for the others and while Jo waited, her breathing

laboured with anxiety, they all got up and moved their chairs back. Jo

was down on her hands and knees again searching in the sand, though she

knew she was wasting her time.

Did you find anything?’ she said again.

There was nothing here when we came. The table was empty and wiped clean.’

Are you sure?’ Jo said, standing up. Her leg was throbbing.

Someone was tapping Jo insistently on the shoulder. ‘Your bill, ma’am.’ The waiter shoved a till print-out into her hand.

Sweat was soaking her T-shirt and suddenly she was incredibly thirsty.


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About the Author:

Amanda’s second novel Just Two Weeks published by Golden Sand Books in 2014 won the IPR Agents Pick in 2013.

Her first novel, The Eloquence of Desire

was published by Sparkling Books in 2010 and has been translated into

Turkish. She won an award for this novel in 2007 from the Royal Literary



2006 when she first started writing she has had many short stories

published, including: Growing Pains by Bridgehouse Publishing, A

Mother’s Love by Indigo Mosaic, Two Orchids by Sentinel Literary

Quarterly. Unseasonable Weather by Dead Ink Press, The Woman at Number

Six by Writing Raw, and many more.

Amanda has an MA in Creative Writing and Authorship from Sussex University and teaches Creative Writing in Brighton.


Author Biography:


got hooked on writing when I did a two year course on Creative Writing

at Sussex University. I’ve had quite a number of short stories published

and have an MA in Creative Writing and Authorship from Sussex

University. The Eloquence of Desire was my first novel and was published

in 2010. This was a romance and won an award from the Royal Literary

Fund. It has been translated into Turkish. My latest novel Just Two

Weeks is a psychological thriller set in Sri Lanka and The Lakes in

northern UK. This won the IPR Agents Pick. I love cats and singing and

am an Alto. I sing in Dawn Chorus in Brighton where I live with my

husband. I mentor new novel writers.


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