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16084236Title:  Up a Tree
Author: John McDonnel
Date Published: 4th October 2012

Description:  Lauren Summers never forgot her first kiss, and when she goes back to the place where it happened, 30 years later, she gets stuck in a tree 30 feet in the air. She is saved by a handsome stranger with flashing blue eyes named Tom Connell. Then the man who gave her that first kiss, Jimmy Vance, shows up in her life. He's a successful businessman and he tells her he has never forgotten her all these years. Jimmy wants to rekindle their old romance, but Lauren can't stop thinking of Tom Connell, and the way he stole a kiss from her. Will she recapture her youthful passion with Jimmy, or is Tom Connell the man for her? This is a contemporary romance, set against the background of the fight to preserve a historic old mansion.


In this book we meet Lauren Summers, goes back to the place where she had her first kiss, because as all you girls out there know you never forget your first kiss. While there Lauren finds her self stuck in a tree and has to be rescued by yes you have it a handsome stranger, yum yum.

We then meet jimmy, the guy who had her going back to the tree and finding her stuck, we learn that Jimmy has never forgotten Lauren and would like to take thing up where they left off, but Jimmy isn't the one who has got Laurens mind wandering. No Lauren cant get the handsome stranger from her mind.

Torn between the two men Lauren had to make up her mind about which is the man for her.

This book is a Romance and not the normal style of writing for the author John McDonnell, but I have to hand it to him, this was a good peace of work. I felt like I was Lauren trying to cope with the confusion her heart was giving her. I'm not to sure if I was Lauren id be able to make my mind up on which guy was best for me . I will say it was nice reading a love story from an older persons point of view, in books your normally get young people and the romance but it was nice to view it from a different age group. for anyone who likes Romance books I really think you should give this one a try, I think you will find you like it

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