Saturday, 19 January 2013


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Morning all, im here this morning to give a shout out to all my favorite bloggers and authors. It gives us a chance to see what others are up to and all so makes sure we dont miss anything lol.  if any of my followers/bloggers/authors would like a shout out at any point then please let me know.

So this weeks Blog im giving a shout out to is Reading Romances. over at this Blog there a number of amazing giveaways going on.  And iv check them out and you will love all the amazing Prizes they have just waiting for you. you will all so find some really good reviews that will help you decide on what kind of book to go for next. This blog has a number of other activities for you like book club meetings and reading challenges for you to join in with.  If I was you id pop on over and check this blog out.

Photo: Bewitch is out now! Escape into the super-sexy and very wicked world of the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, and deep into the fae underworld where powerful vampire Payne meets a witch determined to bring him to his knees and make him embrace his darker nature...

The Author id like to give a shout out to is Felicity Heaton.  who has just had a new release.  Below you will find some info on the book and the link where you can go buy it if it takes your Fancie, and im sure it will  because  if you are like me, this series will have you all excited. 


by Felicity Heaton
A vampire with a past stained with blood and a soul tainted with darkness, he is perfect in his self-control, never surrendering to his darkest desires. Now a beautiful witch in the shadowy fae underworld threatens to reawaken long denied hungers and tempts him with carnal pleasure.
Payne despises the incubus side of his mixed genes and refuses to give it free rein, but when the wickedly sexy Elissa offers him a possible way to help a friend, he finds it difficult to resist paying the price, even if it will be his undoing—one night of passion at her command.
Elissa is a witch down on her luck until Payne comes crashing into her life. The dangerously handsome male is the key to fulfilling a promise she made, but he is also forbidden, and surrendering to the wildfire passion he stirs within her means risking ruin and death.
When one incredible night of fulfilling their deepest fantasies leads to more than just a pathway to keeping a promise and saving a friend, will they be able to overcome the barriers that stand between them and forever?

Madame D's Boudoir

My last shout out is for my girl Kiki, she has just reopened the doors to her  Boudoir and id like you all to pop over and take a look at the new look.   Madam D's Boudoir. The new look is fantastic and if I know this girl there will be plenty to have your belly fluttering and your toes curling. So pop on over and take a look.  

If anyone would like a shout out in Satins shout outs then please just let me know what  you would like everyone to know and id be more then happy to let my followers know. xxx