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Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3)

Title: Midnight Awakening
Author: Lara  Adrain 
Series: Midnight Breed
Date Published: October 29th 2009


With a dagger in her hand and vengeance on her mind, Darkhaven beauty Elise Chase prowls Boston's streets in search of retribution against the Rogue vampires who took from her everything she cherished. Using an extraordinary psychic gift, she tracks her prey, well aware that the power she possesses is destroying her. She must learn to harness this gift, and for that she can turn to only one man - the deadliest of the Breed warriors, Tegan.

No stranger to loss, Tegan knows Elise's pain. He knows fury, but when he slays his enemies it is with ice in his veins. He is perfect in his self-control, until Elise seeks his aid in her personal war. An unholy alliance is forged - a bond that will link them by blood and vow - and plunge them into a tempest of danger, desire, and the darkest passions of the heart. . . 

Review:  In this book we meet Tegan (swoon) Tegan is one of the most tormented of the warriors, struggling with a past that wasn't his fault. keeping everyone at arms length, afraid to let any one close. untill the day he comes across Elsie. Elsie is a breed mate. a breed mate is a special woman who was born to have the breeds offspring. Elsie once had a life where she wanted for nothing, until one day her mate died and soon after her son turned Rogue . she sets off to live a life out in the open away from the  safety of the darkheaven . struggling t to cope with her psychic gift of hearing the thought of humans, Elsie meets Tegan and both set out on a mission to stop the Rogues and Elsie get vengeance for her son.  Tegan helps Elsie learn how to handle her gift and along the way the two get close and fall for each other. Tegan is troubled because he doesn't want to let Elsie get close but finds it impossible to let her go.  The two find that they have become a salvation for each other  and they find a way to have a future together.  

This has to be one of my favorite books in this series and Tegan is one of my favourite warriors. This book was really well written and  has you stuck and unable to put it down. There were times when i wanted to give Tegan a smack across the back of the head and tell him to get a grip, but he came good in the end. I loved the fact the the match between Tegan and Elsie was just as much of a shock to everyone else as well as to them selves. Lara Adrian is an amazing writer and She has got an amazing series with this and I'm really looking forward to reading what going to happen in the next book.  

I have to add that I feel really sorry for one of the warriors called Chase. he had his heat set on Elsie and had to cope with seeing her end up with Tegan. Roll on his book because that one is going to be a bit of a roller coaster ride.


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