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Spartan SurrenderTitle:Spartan Surrender
Author: Kristine Cheney
Series: Spartan Heart part three
Date published : April 12th 2012

Description: The exciting Spartan Heart Saga continues!

Stubborn and independent, Taryn Hampton takes a calculated gamble. Despite the dangers of a half-breed birth, she’s run off to Blackpool Sands, determined to deliver Thessalus’ baby alone. But when complications arise, desperation soon sets in. With no one around to save Taryn and her unborn child, she’s forced to barter with an evil nemesis for the safety of her newborn. Cursed to endure the consequences of her foolish decisions, she must face this eternal punishment with a mother’s sacrifice.

Thessalus Agiad wants only Taryn, but the willful woman refuses to submit to her feelings. Finding out about his unborn, half-breed babe, he’s aware that Taryn loves him, but she’s still terrified of his immortality. To make matters worse, she now fears his child that grows within her belly. Tired of her repeated rejections and the endless game of chasing after her, Thessalus gives the woman he loves an ultimatum.

The Oracle Demona is wretched, as ever. Tipped off by one of her visions, she awaits the day to retaliate against Dorien and Evangeline. Aware of Taryn’s impending folly, Demona exploits her mistakes to the point of utter devastation. The Witch hires the rakish immortal, Dastan, to carry out her evil plans, knowing well that he’s just another pawn in her self-rigged game.

Enamored with Taryn Hampton, Dastan wants the feisty vixen for himself. Thessalus Agiad is the only man who stands in his way. Hired by Demona to kidnap Taryn, Dastan decides it’s an added bonus to torment his enemy. But Taryn is sick with fever, and he gets more than he bargained for when she becomes a tempting siren in his bed. It matters not that his comely hostage believes that he is Thessalus.

Curses, manipulations, and fears may decimate everything that lies between Taryn and Thessalus, but sometimes love can balm the scars of a wounded soul, and force the most stubborn heart to surrender.

Review:  In this book we meet Taryn and Thessalus,  Taryn a mortal who is in love with Thessalus the immortal, Taryn struggle all the way through  this book with the feelings she has for him, and with fear of going against what she knows.

We start the book, at the funeral of one of Taryn's best friends children. Evan we meet in the the other two books and we get to know her and love her.  While at the funeral is suffering with her own problems, we find out she is carrying Thessalus baby and she doesn't know what to do. She is so scared of her feelings and the unknown that she is considering getting rid of the baby, well until she has a heart to heart with Evan.

A big hot sex scene/fight scene breaks out between Taryn and Thessalus and the two end up going there separate ways. Taryn ends up at Evans beach house and spends the time coming to terms with what is going on and grows to love the baby growing inside her.poor Taryn goes into labour all by her self and doesn't do to well But this is when the story takes a twist and the evil Oracle Demona comes and helps her deliver the baby and takes her. leaving Taryn to morn for the loss of her child and to deal with Dasten. Dasten takes Taryn and tries to make her fall for him.but Taryn's love for Thessalus wins out.

Over all view: I have to say iv been following this series closely, The first two I simply loved and didn't have any doubt in my mind that my feelings would be any different for this one. I have to say, I enjoyed the first two books a little bit more BUT that's simply because Evan and Dorian are my favourite characters.

This book was filled with Passion and action and I know most of you will just love it. This book was a little bit more complicated then the other two, leaving me frustrated with Taryn and had me telling her off and to give Thessalus a break lol. it all so had me telling some of the other characters off as the did there evil deeds.  I left my family wondering if  id lost my marbles because I was talking to the book so much haha. I love Kristine Cheney's work, she knows how to make you feel part of the story and makes you feel for the characters. She really is a wonderful author who is amazing with words. I'm sending her a big thank you for asking me to review it.


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