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Title: Emily's Seduction
Emily's SeductionAuthor: Natasha Blackthorne
Date Published:April 23rd 2012

Description Book four in the Carte Blanche Series

Before he can share his deepest, darkest secrets with her, he has to show her what seduction truly means.

For the first time in a long time, Alex is genuinely happy. He’s found a woman he can love. Now he wants only to enjoy his life. But the past won’t let him go. His dark secrets threaten to engulf him. Yet how can he tell his innocent fiancée about the horrific things he’s experienced?

Emily finds herself locked in a battle with the darkness that appears to hold Alex captive. As he reveals more of his inner torment, as he seduces her into carnal decadence, she wonders who is this man she’s so desperately in love with.

Can their love survive this intense journey of erotic exploration, shocking revelations and unsettling discoveries?

Reader Advisory: This book is a sequel to Alex's Angel. This book contains scenes of slavery, torture and dubious consent, light BDSM, sensual spanking, anal sex, toys, voyeurism and once scene of ménage à trois M/F/M

Review: This is the second part in the love story of Alex and Emily. With the two now being engaged the two set out on a journey to get to know each other. Alex has a morn dark side in the bedroom and he believes Emily will never be able to accept him for it and hides it away. but Emily knows he is keeping something from her and sets out to find out what it is he is hiding from her. But Alex tries to protect her from it.

Ales starts to show Emily what it is he needs and adds a third person into the bedroom and things start heating up, he is shocked to learn that Emily  can match his passion and keep up with him.

There is more to this story then this but I really don't want to spoil it for you. Iv been told lately that I give far to much away in my reviews lol. I love Natasha's work and I really get excited when it comes to reading her books. I found that this one was a little darker then the others and I have to say I loved it. With it being set in olden times you wouldn't expect extra people and a more kinky sex lives to be added to the bedroom and it kind of reminds you that the ideas must of come from somewhere lol. I have to say that this book made a big change from reading normal historical romance books and I really loved the twist in the bedroom.


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