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Title: The Captive, part 2 and The Power
Author: LJ Lewis
Series: The Secret Circle

The Captive, Part II and The Power (The Secret Circle, #2-3)
Date Published: 1st January 2009


Cassie has joined the most alluring-and deadly-in-crowd imaginable. But power comes with a price, and it's more dangerous than she knows. Torn between the dueling desires of the two leaders of the Secret Circle, she must ultimately choose between saving all of the New Salem, and her own dangerous love for bewitching Adam, which threatens to tear the circle apart. In the ultimate battle between good and evil, will Cassie's supernatural powers be strong enough to lead the coven out of danger? Or will she fall prey to the dark forces within?



This book starts off where the last one finished, We saw the gang let loose a dark evil power and a divide come between the group as they stuggle to find and capture the power.  Cassie and the gang realise that the power is a guy called black john and he is tying to get strong enough to come back to life. He is the most evil which the world has ever seen and he will use anything he can to get what he wants. We find some secrets along the way that will shock the life out of you but I wont say to much about that.  the group splits into two as some of the coven member decide to take the side of the dark and Cassie and the gang do all in there power to bring them back over.  Black john manages to take human form and he kills the head master and takes his place in the school, he tries all in his power to make things hard for the coven and trys to turn them all over to the dark side. (I so sounded like something out of star wars lol).  But Cassie's stands strong and she brings down the evil and saves her friends and the town.

Along the way we see relationships grow and a couple of unlikely ones grow. But I love the way they stand by each other in the time of need and it really pulls at my heart strings. I felt so sorry for Sean when he was tricked by Black john but the way the coven handled it was amazing and again when he was sat in the circle of protection my heart strings went. but they never failed him.

The only down side I had with this book was it didn't end the way I wanted it to.  I know everyone hoped and prayed that Cassie got with Adam but I really wasn't one of them people. When Cassie agreed to give things with Nick a try my heart jumped for joy and I was so happy for them. I was so happy I had to remind my self that it was just a book and not real lol. but when the two decided it wasn't going to work I was gutted.  I had my partner sat next to me laughing because  it wasn't what I wanted to happen lol. This was the only thing with this book I didn't like. I enjoyed it so much more then the first. It was packed with fun and love and danger. iv never bounced on the edge of my seat so much for a long time. And i was extremely sad when it finished.


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