Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Id like to welcome you all to a new weekly thing im gonna be taking part in. Its a weekly thing run by Marie Winter over at Tales with Bite. Wicked Wednesday's is a blog hop geared towards book lovers aged 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Hot Reads!!

Winter's Kiss (Vampires Realm #8)

She tightened her grip on his cock and he tensed and
moaned. His hand left hers and he nodded when she
continued to stroke his length. His eyes closed and he
frowned. She noticed he was breathing now, fast and hard.
He felt good in her hands, heavy and solid, silken and cool.

She licked her lips and slowed her movements, not wanting

this to be over too soon.

Moving closer to him, she brought her other hand up and

pushed her fingers through the tangled mass of dark curls

surrounding the base of his length. Winter moaned again

when she lowered her hand and stroked his balls. They felt

fluid beneath her touch, moving easily. She licked her lips.

His length in her hand felt nice. What would it feel like in her

mouth? She threw a nervous glance up at Winter's face to

check that he still had his eyes closed and then stared at his

cock again. Poking her tongue out, she tentatively licked the


This is a book from one of my favourite authors, I think if you havnt read any of Felicitys work then you should really go check her out. xx

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