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Well im pleased to tell you that Friday Favourites is now back and with a sexy new look. Friday Favourites is where I come and tell you who my favourite book person of the week is, now this can be male or female and from any book you like.  If you would like to join in the weekly fun and maybe meet new people from other blogs then please leave your link so we can all follow you.xx

So my favourite this week is  Nick from the Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

I’m what most people call poor white trash. My father was a career felon, my mother a stripper. I grew up in the back rooms of the strip club where she worked, helping the bouncers hustle clients.
I was in and out of trouble a lot as a kid and we won’t talk about how thick my juvenile record is. Thank God, they seal those things.
Anyway, I took the wrong turn down the right road one night when my “friends” decided to do something I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with. So instead, they damn near killed me. Next thing I know, Kyrian was there, and he saved my worthless life. He took me off the streets, gave me a legal job and got me back on the right track.
Though I find him offensively annoying 95% of the time, I owe him everything and I would die or kill to protect him and the rest of the Dark-Hunters.

Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier
Main SeriesDark-Hunter
DesignationSquire (Blood Rites)
Height6' 4
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
ParentsCherise Gautier & Adarian Malachai
Best Friend
Worst EnemyValerius
Tattoos / ScarsSpider tattoo on his hand.
Fave PastimeAnnoying Kyrian
Mode of TransportationJag XK-R
Weapon of ChoiceBet you wish I'd tell you.


So that was my weekly favourite, I hope you enjoyed. xx

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    1. I like Nick as well eventhough he really pissed me off in the Dark Hunter series!